Accessibility Guide

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is dedicated in providing excellent customer service and safety to people with disabilities and to provide an equal opportunity for all guests who have chosen to spend their day with us.

Ability to Enter and Exit Slides

  • All guests must be able to enter and exit slides independently without endangering the safety of themselves, other guests, or staff.
  • For the safety of our employees and guests, Aquatic Staff are instructed to not assist with guests entering or exiting the slides unless for emergency/rescue situations.
  • Guests may be asked to demonstrate their ability to enter or exit the slide independently to determine if they are allowed to ride.

Medical Conditions

  • Guests with heart conditions, high blood pressure, neck or back problems or expectant mothers are not permitted on the slides.
  • Guests that are prone to seizures or that have serious medical conditions must be accompanied at all times by an individual who is knowledgeable of their condition and responsible for their direct supervision.
  • If you suffer from a severe medical condition, please inform Guest Services upon your arrival so that staff can be made aware.

Slide Height Requirements

  • Every waterslide has specific height requirements. Guests who do not meet the requirement will be unable to ride.
  • Guests are officially measured at Guest Services using a standiometer.
  • Guests are measured in bare feet to the top of the head.

Lines and Queuing

We do not offer front of the line or skip the line passes. All guests must wait in line for the specific attraction. This may include waiting on stairs.

Pregnancy/Expectant mothers

  • For you and your unborn child’s safety, you are not permitted to ride any of our waterslides or dry slides.
  • Hot Tubs – Fallsview Indoor Waterpark recommends that expectant mothers do not use the hot tubs. The water temperature is kept around 102°F – 103°F, which causes the body temperature and heart rate to rise, and restrict blood flow to the uterus.
  • Tidal Wave – Expectant mothers are allowed to use the wave pool. For you and your unborn child’s safety, you will not be able allowed to sit on an inner tube while in the pool.

Support Persons/Intervenors

  • Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is devoted to welcoming people with disabilities including those who are accompanied by a support person.
  • The support person is expected to be accessible to their charge at all times.
  • At no time will a person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to his or her support person while in the waterpark or surrounding facility.
  • There is no admission fee for support persons.

Autism (ASD)

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark strives to make every guests visit an enjoyable experience and create incredible memories. Below are a few helpful tips that may assist you for your experience with us.

  • Look at pictures from the website or search the internet for pictures and videos to become familiar with the surroundings. If you know anyone who has visited the park before have them tell stories about their experience.
  • Make sure you instruct your party on the early signals of possible issues such as restless, anxiety, overload of the senses and the strategies that you have found to work the best.
  • We have two suggestions for handling a change in routine:
    • Let your child know well in advance to the trip and have them count down the days with you.
    • Let your child know that day or the day before if you know they have a history of becoming anxious while waiting for an event/occasion.
  • Set a specific schedule for certain areas of the waterpark and time for the waterpark as a whole. There are other areas to visit/explore at the resort and surrounding area. The waterpark has a lot of noise (water splashing, wave alerter, bell for tipping bucket, music, announcements, lifeguard/slide attendant whistles and general crowd noise). We recommend that you plan out an area to go if there is a possibility of sensory overload.

You know your loved one better than anyone. Start slow and be prepared for the best and the worst. We know that a memorable experience is one that the whole family/group enjoys.


  • The waterpark deck, Sunnyside Outdoor Pool patio, Tidal Wave, Tiny Tots Splash Park, Guest Services, The Beach Club, washrooms, and First Aid room are wheelchair accessible.
  • The upper mezzanine, Jungle Beach, Horseshoe Hot Springs, Planet Bar, Sunnyside Outdoor Pool and all water slides and towers are not accessible.
  • The Tidal Wave has an entry depth of 0. Guests may enter the pool up to their waist, provided there is a chaperone in control of the vehicle at all times. We recommend that guests in wheelchairs exit the pool while the wave cycle is on.

Hearing Devices

  • Hearing devices may be damaged by water on the slides, pools, and Beach House. Please take necessary precaution to protect these items.
  • In the case of a fire, lights will flash to alert hearing impaired guests that the fire alarm has been activated.

Artificial Limbs/Prosthetics

  • Artificial limbs must be secured or removed prior to riding.
  • Artificial limbs that do not have any exposed metal parts are permitted on slides.
  • Guests with two prosthetic legs have to remove both prosthetics. To ensure safety, height restrictions will also be enforced and could prevent guests from riding.

Braces and Casts

  • Guests with Braces/Casts that restrict movements in their knee (full leg) or elbow (full arm) are not permitted on any water slide or dry slide.
  • Guests with casts are allowed to ride the slides as long as the following criteria are met:
    • No sharp objects are on brace/cast
    • Brace/cast will not drag or rub on slide while riding
  • Guests with braces/casts that meet the above criteria still have to demonstrate that they are able to enter/exit attractions with no assistance.
  • Fallsview Indoor Waterpark recommends that you defer your visit until the cast is removed.

Service Animals

  • Fallsview Indoor Waterpark permits guests who require the aid of a service animal to have their service animal accompany them while they are visiting the waterpark. However, service animals are not permitted on any attraction or in any pool.
  • Service animals must remain with a non-riding member of the party.
  • Service animals must be on a leash, harness, or be physically controlled at all times.
  • At no time are Fallsview Indoor Waterpark staff allowed to take control of a service animal.

Oxygen Tanks

  • Oxygen Tanks are allowed in all dry areas of the waterpark except for the slide towers and Jungle Beach.
  • Oxygen tanks are not allowed on any waterslide, in any pool, or in the Beach House area.

Attraction Closure

The closure of an attraction may be required due to, but not limited to, the following circumstances: mechanical issues, fouling, power failure, or medical emergency.

Park Evacuation

  • Fallsview Indoor Waterpark maybe required to evacuate the whole facility due to, but not limited to, the following circumstances: inclement weather conditions, mechanical problems, or fire.
  • If an evacuation is required, waterpark staff will direct you to the most efficient exit.
  • Waterpark staff will assist when and where necessary.

Fire Alarm

  • The fire alarm signal is a slow pulse tone with flashing lights.
  • All attractions are shut down and all guests are gathered near the entrance to Guest Services.
  • Stay calm and act as directed.
  • If an evacuation is required, waterpark staff will direct you to the most efficient exit.
  • Waterpark staff will assist when and where necessary.
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