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The 3 Scariest Slides in Fallsview Waterpark

WPblog10.jpegThere’s plenty for everyone at Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. Kids of all ages — we’re looking at you, too, parents — will find pools, play areas and slides to suit their varied fancies. However, in almost every family, there’s one member who can’t enjoy a vacation without something to jumpstart their adrenaline. Fallsview Waterpark definitely has activities for those travelers who enjoy their feet firmly on the ground, but for those others who feel most at home slipping and sliding at terrifying speeds, here are the three best slides in the park for you.

Toob Tower

You know you love it when your heart is racing, but you also like a variety of choices in your danger; Toob Tower is perfect for you. With four different non-stop slides and the opportunity to slide solo or with a buddy, this slide allows you to pick your poison when you get to the top of the tower.
All four slides provide non-stop sliding from the ceiling to the floor of the indoor park. You’ll need to hold on tight to your tube; there are plenty of twists and turns that could see you scrambling. You do need to be at least 42 inches high to ride these slides to be sure that you’ll be absolutely safe.

Extreme Racing Slide

Hopefully you aren’t the only adrenaline junkie in your party, because this next slide is best enjoyed with a friend. This attraction features side-by-side, identical slides that allow you and a partner to race to the bottom. You and your partner get a choice between pairs slides: Thunder and Kamakazi or Sky Screamer and Drop Canyon. The nail-bitingly steep incline of the first pair of slides lets you reach intense speeds perfect for the excitement-seekers in your group, but the second pair boast twists and turns for those racers who love Formula One.

You’ll probably find yourself in line again and again for this slide in an attempt to perfect your technique for your next race. Here’s a pro’s tip: Keep your head back and your toes pointed to make your body as aerodynamic as possible. Because you’ll be riding a mat, you’ll need to be a little taller to ride these slides — higher than 48 inches.

The Canadian Plunge

WP_FB10This slide is far and away the most exhilarating of Fallsview’s attraction options. Unlike any of the other slides in the park, the Canadian Plunge is a giant centrifuge, meaning it tosses and turns you around a giant bowl. You’ll push off from the top and slide right up to the rim of the bowl, then speed around and around the bowl until you fall through a funnel into a pool below. You’ll be spinning in your raft and around the bowl so fast you won’t have time to be dizzy, but you will end up with a quicker pulse than when you started. Ride alone or with a friend, but make sure you’re at least 42 inches tall or you won’t be able to experience the thrill.

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