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4 Fun Shows to Take the Kids to in Niagara Falls

image001Whether you love family vacations with your children or you rue them, the reality is that if you take them at all, you’ll need to schedule in happenings that will entertain your spawn or everyone in your party is guaranteed to have a miserable time. Thankfully, taking a family vacation to the Niagara Falls region is bound to keep everyone happy and engaged, and not just because of our famous waterfalls. Niagara Falls is actually a great place for kids to be kids, and some of the best fun can be had at these four shows.

1. “Oh Canada Eh?”

This seven-time winner of the coveted Niagara Falls Attraction of the Year award is now in its 21st season, and it’s the perfect way for young people and their parents to enjoy an evening together, because it’s one of those rare attractions that will appeal to your whole family. A true dinner theater experience, the musical is accompanied by a five-course meal served family-style by the very performers wowing you and making you laugh while on-stage. Canadian music and Canadian characters abound, as the Hockey Player, the Mountie, Anne of Green Gables, and other favorites sing everything from pop songs and rock and roll to maritime folk tunes.

2. Greg Frewin

One of the most celebrated magicians in the world, Greg Frewin has been named Magician of the Year at the World Magic Awards and is ranked the International Grand Champion of Magic. An illusionist whose show will have you and your kids open-mouthed and wide-eyed from beginning to end, his act incorporates some of the larger scale illusions made popular by magicians like David Copperfield — he does have tigers, a lion, and dancers, after all — but he also routinely makes use of members of the audience and smaller scale, defter tricks for a show that’s as much about surprise and amazement as it is about spectacle. He performs five nights a week at the Greg Frewin Theatre.

3. Whatever’s Playing at the 4-D Motion Theatre

Located in Falls Avenue Resort, the Iwerks 4-D Motion Theatre thrills kids with a movie that isn’t just seen and heard, as with more traditional film experiences. No, with the 4-D Motion Theater, the movie is also felt. Step inside the simulator for a 3-D movie experience that features stadium seating, seat belts, plenty of motion, actual water jets, and blasts of air for an interactive experience that will make your kids feel as though they’re actually inside the movie instead of just observing the story from the outside.

4. Niagara’s Fury

image003Another amazing 4-D experience is Niagara’s Fury. You and your kids will pull on ponchos to withstand the simulated experience of being as up close and personal with Niagara Falls as any of the daredevils who have braved it over the years. The temperature will drop 20 degrees; water and snow will fall; the floor beneath your feet will rattle and shake as you all learn about and witness the formation of the Falls.

Take a family vacation to Niagara Falls. From the shows to the waterfalls themselves, it will be an experience your kids will never forget.

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