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5 Reasons to Visit Safari Niagara

image001When planning any type of family vacation, those in charge must take their responsibility very seriously,
lest the children in their care feel slighted in relation to the amount of fun expected given the amount of fun experienced. No one wants to make memories because events and destinations fail to live up to their billings.

Which is why a trip to Niagara offers the perfect remedy to this common family vacation malady.

From stunning natural sights to a giant indoor waterpark, few destinations can compete with the family fun on full display throughout the region. While there are scores of kid- and adult-friendly destinations to hit in the Niagara region that could be highlighted, Safari Niagara is one of the best. The next time you and your brood come to ogle the Falls, here are five reasons you also need to visit Safari Niagara.

1. The Creatures

A land of remarkable creatures, Safari Niagara is situated on 150 acres, making it one of the largest nature parks in the region. Over 750 different animals, reptiles, and birds call the park home, and many of them are made available to guests in interactive ways through fun animal presentations, a petting farm, guided tours, feedings, and more. See lions, foxes, tortoises, bald eagles, bearded dragons, bears, wolves, macaws, lemurs, zebras, apes, and more.

2. The Daily Shows

It doesn’t matter what time of day you and your family head over to Safari Niagara, because there will be astounding and educational animal shows all day long. From reptiles and primates to hippos and big cats, here are some of the shows you and your family can take in during a typical day:

  • Hippo and Giraffe Encounter
  • Big Cat Tour
  • Wonders of Flight
  • Reptile Presentation
  • And more!

The Action

There’s actually a lot more to do at Safari Niagara than just look at the animals, and all of it’s a blast. From flying kites to skittering about the place in paddle boats, here are some of the other fun activities you and your family can enjoy:

  • A Children’s Play Area
  • A Ropes Course
  • A Splash Pad
  • A Tram Tour
  • Pedal Bike Go Karts
  • And more!

The Conservation

image003It’s becoming increasingly important that people from all walks of life learn about and engage in conservation efforts, which is why the conservation work undertaken by Safari Niagara is such an important part of their mission. Many of the animals given a home at Safari Niagara are threatened or endangered, and your trip to Safari Niagara will not only educate you and your children about their needs, but the money you spend at the park will aid their ongoing efforts.

The Events

Some of the most enjoyable surprises about Safari Niagara are the numerous events they host each season. From their summer concert series to their trick or treat event that takes place throughout the park, there’s always something out of the ordinary and exciting going on at Safari Niagara.

So, bring the little ones to Niagara, and let their thirst for adventure find a natural outlet. From parrots to pythons, Safari Niagara is fun that will thrill the whole family.

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