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5 Things You Have to Do at Marineland

image001One of the best parts about vacationing in Niagara is the sheer amount of activities and amusements the area affords. From family vacations and business trips to honeymoons and college road trips, anyone can find a reason or 100 why Niagara makes for the perfect place to relax, kick back, or rendezvous. Marineland is but one of those hundreds of reasons why a trip to Niagara should be on everyone’s to-do list, and when you visit it, here are five things you have to do.

1. Feed a Beluga Whale

Marineland is aptly named for a host of great reasons, but their beluga whales are one of the most exciting as they currently have the largest collection of beluga whales anywhere in the world. These unique-looking and playful creatures are a highlight of the many creatures that call Marineland home, and not only is there underwater viewing available so you can see them in the water, but you can also get tickets to one of the many touching and feeding sessions that happen throughout each day.

2. Ride the Sky Screamer

Head 450 feet into the sky on the world’s tallest triple tower ride. Marvel at the amazing view at the top where you’ll see the thundering Niagara Falls and the Niagara landscape and city skyline. Plummet straight down — and up again — at speeds that reach as high as 60 miles per hour. It’s just one of the many amusement park rides available to guests at Marineland.

3. Check Out the Wildlife

Marineland isn’t just a place where marine animals are revered, cared for, and showcased; it’s also where land animals are valued and accessible to guests. Bison, deer, elk, ducks, and more are easily found and even petted in certain areas of the park. Especially if you have young children, petting a deer makes for an unforgettable Niagara experience.

4. Eat

image003One of the greatest pleasures of life and vacation is eating, but, sometimes, vacation can make mealtime a bit of a struggle since it’s hard to remember to always plan ahead for it. Well, Marineland has you covered. There’s no need to pack a sack lunch or leave the park to eat and return. The cafeteria-style restaurant has more than enough variety to please everyone in your party.

Choose between fair-type food like nachos, hot dogs, and pizza, or eat something more in keeping with a traditional meal like a salad, rotisserie chicken, hamburger, or soup. You can also get coffee, sodas, and beer. If you get hungry out and about in the park, there are also numerous food kiosks that serve everything from popcorn to ice cream cones.

5. Applaud the Trainers

Imagine a life where, everyday, you went to your job “playing” with sea lions, killer whales, seals, and walruses. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The marine animal trainers at Marineland are front-and-center in the lives of all the animals that live in the park, and while most guests only notice them at shows, the work they do keeps animals healthy, water clean, people safe, and much more. When you take in a show, keep in mind the importance of the trainers, and when it’s time to clap for the animals, give their human helpers some applause, too.

Head to Marineland for these five reasons and more, and experience a part of Niagara that will delight everyone in your group.

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