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Our 7 Awesome Pools and Play Areas

Boy in Waterpark Fallsview Water Park is a leader when it comes to wet and wild family fun. We have plenty to offer families looking to let loose in Niagara Falls. Our fast and furious slides can boast some of the most exhilarating excitement around, but when you want to take it easy while the kids burn through their energy, you need some simpler entertainment to keep both them and you occupied. Here’s more info on our fabulous pools and play areas perfect for your family’s days in the park.

Beach House Play Area

This area of the park is a veritable wonderland for kids looking for an interactive adventure. Designed like a jungle gym, this area has eight slides of different heights and curvature to thrill even the littlest ones in your group. Plus, kids can while away the hours climbing up and down stairs and rope ladders and soaking each other with the thousand-gallon tipping bucket.

Jungle Beach Playland

If you have a kid who isn’t too keen on getting wet, or if your brood needs a break to dry out for a while, challenge them to climb to the top of this play structure. Kids will be able to explore the jungle as they make their way all the way to the top to get an amazing view of the bustling activity below in all of the different regions of the park.

Tiny Tots Splash Park

If you have smaller kids, you want to be sure they won’t be trampled by older kids or get lost among adults. This play area is designed with the young ones in mind. There are water streams that are guaranteed to amuse a toddler’s mind, and mushroom water pods to keep a tot entertained for hours. Plus, there are small slides so little ones won’t feel left out of the bigger thrills.

Fallsview Beach

Boy having fun in waterYou can kick back and relax at the beach any time of year at our water park. With plenty of lounge chairs, plus tropical palm trees, you can sip on your cocktail from the Planet Hollywood Beach Club and finally enjoy your vacation while your kids run amuck in the rest of the park.

Horseshoe Hot Springs

Feel the stress melt away as warm jets of water pound your muscles into sinfully sweet oblivion. These hot springs are for adults only, which means anyone under 16 must keep their distance. You can finally get some time with fellow adults, or else some time just for you.

Sunnyside Patio and Pool

We know we’re known as the country’s best indoor water park, but this outside pool promises everything we deliver inside. The pool and patio are open year-round with heaters used in winter months to keep temperatures comfortable for swimming. You can get your daily dose of vitamin D and fresh air while you lounge in this area.

The Tidal Wave Pool

This enormous wave pool might not be as relaxing as the others, but what it lacks in tranquility, it makes up for in fun. With three- to four-foot waves rolling around you every few minutes, you’ll feel like you’re at the beach — in the middle of Canada.

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