Family Friendly Attractions Reopening this Spring in Niagara

Winter is coming to an end and spring is in the air, which means that a number of exciting Niagara Falls attractions are reopening their doors for a brand new season, offering visitors of all ages non-stop excitement in the heart of the city. Here are some of the top family attractions to visit with the family this spring:

Safari Niagara

Reopening on May 13th, Safari Niagara is a family favourite attraction that features more than 1000 mammals, reptiles, and birds in a beautiful 150-acre nature park. The also park offers free walking tours, educational demonstrations, a petting zoo, picnic areas, and gift shop, making it a fun and well-rounded experience for people of all ages.

Hornblower Niagara Cruises

Niagara’s iconic boat ride is reopening for the season on April 1st and will once again be taking visitors into the mist and right up close to the magnificent Horseshoe Falls. Hornblower Niagara Cruises also offers one-of-a-kind night cruises on which visitors can experience the amazing illumination and fireworks show over the Falls, offering an unforgettable nighttime experience unlike any other.

Whirlpool Aero Car

Niagara’s Whirlpool Aero Car is reopening for the season on April 14th and will take visitors for ride in an antique cable car, high above the impressive Niagara Rapids. Operating since 1916, the Whirlpool Aero Car is an attraction that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike and is a great way to connect with Niagara’s history and natural beauty.

WildPlay Zip Line

WildPlay Zip Line is one of Niagara Falls’ newest attractions and will be opening for the season on April 15th. Riders soar high above the Niagara Gorge to a Falls observation landing and will experience unparalleled views of the Horseshoe and American Falls.

Don’t miss out on all of these attractions and more on your spring getaway to Niagara Falls!

Limited-Time Family Week Waterpark Sale On Now

Family Day is almost here and there’s no better time to book an amazing family getaway to Niagara Falls than during Fallsview Indoor Waterpark’s Family Week Waterpark Sale, which is on now for a limited-time. You’ll get amazing deals on hotel and waterpark packages that will connect you and your family with the very best accommodations, dining, and entertainment in the city.

Packages start at $149 and include accommodations at one of Falls Avenue Resort’s four amazing hotels including the Sheraton on the Falls, Crowne Plaza Fallsview, Skyline Hotel & Waterpark and Clifton Victoria Inn. You will also receive four two-day passes to the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, which features 16 thrilling waterslides, a 1,000-gallon tipping bucket, giant wavepool, along with early access to the waterpark on early admittance dates. And to connect you with even more amazing Niagara Falls experiences this package also features four passes to Wild Safari Mini Gold located inside the thrilling Adventure City Arcade and Kids Eat Free at the Fallsview Buffet Restaurant, Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra or Perkins Family Restaurant.

To book your Family Day getaway to Niagara Falls, visit The sale is only on for a limited-time so don’t miss out on some amazing family fun!


Fallsview Indoor Waterpark Voted “Best Waterpark” by GTA Parents

The votes are in and Fallsview Indoor Waterpark has come up a winner! Fallsview Indoor Waterpark has just recently been voted the “Best Waterpark” in Toronto4Kids’ 2016 readers poll, which had GTA parents vote on their favourite family-friendly businesses throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto4Kids is a parenting and kids website that connects parents to amazing programs, attractions, camps, shopping, classes, child-care services, kid-friendly restaurants, family travel ideas, parenting articles, and more. And it’s 2016 readers poll has recognized some great family-friendly destinations that are definitely worth a visit. Other 2016 winners include Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada as “Best Year-Round Attraction”, Niagara Falls as the “Best Day Trip”, and the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) as the “Best Summer Festival.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is honoured to be recognized as a top family-friendly attraction by local parents and is happy to offer 3 acres of thrills and fun just steps away from Niagara Falls. The waterpark offers 16 amazing waterslides, a giant wave pool, 1,000 gallon tipping bucket, adults-only Jacuzzis, outdoor sundeck and pool, and so much more.

Come find out why GTA parents just named Fallsview Indoor Waterpark the “Best Waterpark” and get ready for a completely family-friendly day of water fun!

Best Family-Friendly Winter Activities in Niagara Falls

There is no shortage of activities that families can do while visiting Niagara Falls in wintertime, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones to check out while on your next family getaway:

Winter Festival of Lights

One of the most popular events for families to attend while visiting Niagara Falls in winter is the annual Winter Festival of Lights, which illuminates the city in millions of sparkling lights and offers visitors the chance to see amazing light displays and weekly fireworks shows. This year’s festival runs until January 31st and is a must-do winter activity for people of all ages.

Movie Nights at Old Fort Erie

An old British fort built after the Seven Years’ War is a pretty unique setting for a movie night, and starting this month visitors can catch great films like Sherlock Holmes and Gravity on the big screen at this one-of-a-kind location. Some of this year’s family-friendly films being shown at the Fort include The Princess Bride, The Spongebob Movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, The Iron Giant, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Kung Fu Panda and Rise of the Guardians.

Greg Frewin Magic Show

Experience International Grand Champion of Magic, Greg Frewin’s amazing magic show that features a real White Siberian Tiger and beautiful exotic birds from around the world. You can also select a dining option and experience a delicious buffet dinner along with the remarkable illusions and award-winning magic.

Adventure City Arcade

Located in the heart of the city’s tourist district on Clifton Hill, Adventure City is a thrilling destination that offers more than 125 arcade-style games, many of which dispense game tickets that can be redeemed for awesome prizes. The arcade also features the Tour Bus SWAT Team ride, Traffic Slam Bumper Cars, and glow-in-the-dark Wild Safari Mini Putt, which will keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Best Places for Indoor Fun by the Falls

wpfilippofoti_1Year after year, as snow begins to fall and the holiday season approaches, Niagara Falls is transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. The magnificent waterfalls and surrounding parklands are always amazing to behold this time of year, but when winter’s cold becomes a little too much to bear, here are five indoor destinations to visit for some warmth and entertainment:

Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls is the perfect family destination for winter with over 2,000 tropical butterflies fluttering around while you make your way along winding paths through an indoor rainforest. You are also surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery as you walk, transporting you into a natural world of exotic plants and creatures.

Adventure City Arcade

Located on Niagara’s bustling and action-packed Clifton Hill, Adventure City Arcade offers endless hours of thrills and fun for people of all ages. The arcade features more than 125 arcade games and amazing prizes, awesome interactive rides like the Tour Bus SWAT Team ride and Traffic Slam Bumper Cars, and the fun-filled glow-in-the-dark Wild Safari Mini Putt.

Bird Kingdom

Embark on a tropical adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, the world’s largest free-flying indoor aviary. You can hold parrots and exotic birds, and then wander through the multi-level rainforest to experience them free-flying around you. The Night Jungle lets you see night creatures like owls and bats, and your walk through the aviary will take you behind an amazing 40ft waterfall.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

With 16 thrilling waterslides, a 1,000 gallon tipping bucket, giant wave pool, adult-only jacuzzis, year-round outdoor activity pool and sundeck, and much more the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is the best place to find a full day of fun for the entire family. Splashing and swimming will take you back to the warm days of summer, and the waterpark features indoor connections to Falls Avenue Resort dining, entertainment, and accommodation destinations, so you won’t ever have to unwantedly face the cold days of winter.

Niagara Falls History Museum

Learn all about the rich and exciting history of Niagara Falls at the Niagara Falls History Museum on Lundy’s Lane. It is home to interactive and informative exhibits and is located right by the Drummond Hill Cemetery, which was a main focal point during the historic Battle of Lundy’s Lane during the War of 1812. This is an affordable and enjoyable museum experience for people of all ages where you can try on a replica War of 1812 uniform, walk a tightrope like a Niagara daredevil, hold a musket, and do so much more.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark Wins 2016 Readers Choice Award

wp-readerschoiceFallsview Indoor Waterpark is happy to announce that it has just been voted “Best Waterpark” by readers of the Niagara Falls Review for the second consecutive year. And to say thank you for this 2016 Readers Choice Award, the waterpark will be offering discounted rates to Niagara locals on day passes and Stay & Play packages at Falls Avenue Resort.

For a limited time, locals can book a Stay & Play package that includes hotel accommodation and four two-day waterpark passes from only $119, and enjoy an incredible family getaway to the heart of the city’s tourist district.

The waterpark offers non-stop thrills with 16 amazing waterslides, a 1,000-gallon tipping bucket, full-sized wave pool, adult-only jacuzzis, children’s play area, and so much more. And with the weather getting colder and winter on the horizon, it’s the perfect way to escape the cold and enjoy an exciting family-friendly destination just steps from Niagara Falls. The waterpark is also connected via indoor walkway to a number of the city’s best hotels, restaurants, and attractions including Skyline Hotel & Waterpark, Rainforest Cafe, Adventure City Arcade, and Hershey’s Chocolate World Niagara Falls. You won’t ever have to worry about missing out on the action.

So locals, book your day passes and stay & play packages today and find out first-hand why Niagara Falls Review readers just voted Fallsview Indoor Waterpark the “Best Waterpark” for the second year in a row!

Planes and Toddlers: How to Keep Your Cool in the Air

Kids and planes are an interesting combination. Many young children love to fly and actually relish the tiny seats, tiny portions of food, and the tiny entertainment screen. You’ll see them, happy as clams and quietly sitting or sleeping for the entire flight.

WPblog11Then there are the other kids. The kids who, for a variety of reasons, just don’t fly well. They could have sensory issues or other diagnoses, or they could just be having the mother of all tantrums.

Most fellow passengers are empathetic when a child has a tantrum on a flight but others are not. Flying isn’t necessarily fun for anyone but when you add a screaming toddler to the mix things can go south in a hurry. Flying with a toddler doesn’t have to be as bad as the news says it is and the chances are great that your flight to Niagara Falls will go perfectly. However, forewarned is forearmed so utilize these tips to keep everyone happy.

Bring All the Devices

One of the best ways to keep kids quiet is to keep them focused and tablets, smartphones, and laptops are a great way to do that, especially if you already have limits on screen times as this will be seen as a treat. Be sure each device is fully charged and bring a cordless charger just in case there isn’t an outlet near your seat.

Be sure your child’s favorite apps, games, and movies are ready to go, give them their headphones, and let them enjoy themselves during the flight.

Bring Food

Unless you’re traveling on an international carrier or on a U.S. flight more than four hours in duration it’s unlikely you’ll be provided with much more than a cup of juice and bag containing roughly 10 peanuts. Stock up on your child’s favorite healthy snacks and drinks and dole them out during the flight. Just be aware that some international border crossings prohibit fresh fruit so keep that in mind when deciding what to bring.

And about those peanuts. If your child has a severe peanut allergy let the flight attendants know as soon as you board. This can help prevent a passenger seated next to you from opening peanuts and possible causing an emergency. Many airlines are making the move to eliminate all peanut products from their in-flight menus and snacks.

Bring Comfort Items

WPblog12You know those times when nothing can calm your child like their favorite blanket or toy? And they scream as you race around the house trying to find it? Yeah, you don’t want that to happen on an airplane. While it’s impossible to pack all of you child’s favorite things you can pack a few and reassure your child these items are there when they want them.

It can also be handy to keep an item or two secret so, in the case of a tantrum, you can bring out the surprise toy and hopefully distraction will ensue and the screaming will stop.

These few tips can help keep your child busy, engaged, and using their indoor voice until you reach your destination.

Baby’s First Vacation: 4 Tips to Help Everything Go Smoothly

WPblog9Regardless of the complaints of some insensitive people, babies have parents, their parents like to travel, and babies can’t really just hang out at home while mommy and daddy are off on vacation. So, like it or not, babies are traveling. But the truth of the matter is that it’s more stressful for the parents than it is for those who complain about it.

If you’re traveling with a baby for the first time these are some tips and tricks that can help your family vacation to Niagara Falls with baby in tow as stress-free as possible.

Pre-Ship Necessary Items

Packing all of the accessories that babies need requires a suitcase of its own, and with luggage fees in place you might wonder how you’ll pack it all. The solution? Send it by mail. Most hotels will accept deliveries for registered guests so go ahead and order that huge box of diapers online or the cans of formula if you use it. The hotel will have the items ready for you and you don’t have to carry anything but what you’ll need for the trip.

Do a Trial Run

If your baby is the type who has trouble sleeping in strange places, do a trial bedtime run before your trip. If you’ll be using a travel crib or a playpen start putting your baby to bed in it up to a week before you go. Don’t worry if things don’t go well at first; even if you can’t get your baby to sleep in the new bed for an entire night you’ve at least gotten them used to the idea, which will make the hotel transition much smoother.

Set Up Your Hotel Room Like Your Home

Many people check into a hotel room, drop their bag, put some toiletries in the bathroom and go. It doesn’t quite work like that with a baby. You’ll need to have specific areas of your room set up for changing, feeding, preparing bottles, and other baby related tasks. Do this as soon as you arrive so you’re ready for anything that arises.

WPblog10Stick to Your Routine

Nothing makes traveling with a baby easier than a routine that resembles the one at home. It requires planning on the part of the parent but it can be done and still leave parents with time to explore. If your baby naps at a certain hour try putting her in the stroller and taking a walk around a park or museum you’d like to see. If baby goes to bed at a certain hour be prepared with jammies, a story, and a bottle. The more your baby knows what to expect the easier it will be.

A family friendly destination like Niagara Falls is the perfect place to bring your baby on their first trip. So book your tickets and hotel room and take the time you need to relax with your new baby.

Fall Activities in Niagara Your Kids Will Love

WPBlog3Fall is just around the corner and for many people it’s the ideal time to take a trip to Niagara Falls. The weather is gorgeous, the leaves are changing color, and as high season winds down great deals on hotels and activities become more widely available.

However, fall in Niagara is especially fun for kids. Aside from seeing the beautiful falls and enjoying activities like the waterpark, there are plenty of seasonal activities that will have your little ones grinning from ear to ear.

If you’d like to plan a fall trip to Niagara Falls these are a few great ways to show your kids the countryside and have some fun at the same time.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Niagara is an agricultural region like no other and a portion of its bounty are pumpkins, and lots of them. Pumpkin farms dot the region near Niagara and virtually all of them offer tours and other activities when it’s time to harvest the fall’s crop.

Warner Ranch offers pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and other fall produce like squash and other gourds. Kids can also collect corn stalks and other items to complete their own fall decorations. Warner Ranch is also an active breeding facility for Belgian horses so your kids might get a chance to see one of these gentle giants up close.

Try a Corn Maze

What to do when all the corn is harvested yet the stalks still stand? Why, carve a corn maze, of course! Corn mazes have exploded in popularity over recent years and several sprout up each fall near Niagara Falls.

Located just outside of Buffalo is the Cambria Corn Maze. Two mazes cover twelve acres and are full of twists and turns that will have your kids delighted as they try to find their way out. Sturdy shoes are recommended and rain boots are highly encouraged as the weather can be unpredictable during this time of year. For the very brave they even offer flashlight maze sessions on the weekends.

Take a Haunted Hayride

WPBlog4Of course fall means Halloween and what better way to celebrate than with a haunted hayride in the countryside near Niagara? Several local farms offer haunted hayrides and they vary from the mildly surprising to downright scary so you should definitely consider the level of tolerance amongst your family before you go.

The aforementioned Warner Ranch offers a mildly scary haunted hayride or you could visit Haunt Manor and experience the truly terrifying. The choice is yours but at the end of the night it’s all supposed to be fun so the very little ones and those who scare easily might want to bow out.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year in the Niagara area and it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. Look for hotel package deals, play up Niagara to your kids, and start planning your falls vacation to the falls. You and your entire family will be very glad you did.

Fallsview Waterpark 101: Know Before You Go

WPBlog1A visit to the waterpark may sound simple. A swimsuit, a towel, and you’re good to go, right? Well, not quite. While those things are essential there are many other items to pack that will not only make your day much more enjoyable but can also eliminate potential headaches.

You’ll want your family to have the best time possible on your visit to Fallsview Indoor Waterpark so in addition to packing appropriately you’ll also want to be familiar with the waterpark rules before you go. Here are some suggestions and some rules that will make your waterpark adventure one that you’ll remember for years to come.

What to Pack

Most people simply wear their swimsuit under their clothes and shed those clothes as soon as they enter the park. While this works for some people, others prefer to put their suit on in the changing room. Fallsview Indoor Waterpark does require that everyone shower prior to entering the water so how you choose to dress is up to you.

For yourself and your children, be sure to pack an extra change of clothes, swim diapers and diaper changing supplies for the little ones, and water shoes or flip flops. The waterpark does supply towels free of charge and offers lockers for small deposit. You can bring a personal towel if you’d like but no hotel towels are allowed.

What Not to Pack

WPblog2Like most waterparks, Fallsview has a list of items that are not permitted in the waterpark. These include outside inflatable devices and lifejackets. The park does provide beach balls and lifejackets to hotel guests and rents these items to day guests, but nothing like pool noodles, water wings, or pool floaties are allowed. Mats and tubes are available for use on the slides but you should also keep in mind that long jewelry, swimsuits with metal buckles, and lifejackets are not permitted on any slide.

Outside food and drink is also not permitted but Planet Hollywood Beach Club is located on-site so you can purchase snacks and drinks easily. If you’ve forgotten any important item, guest services can assist with swimwear, swim diapers, and other essentials for your convenience.

Park Requirements

Safety is of the utmost concern at Fallsview Indoor Waterpark so various rules and height requirements are in place to ensure that everyone has fun but remains safe. Different slides have different height requirements so be sure to check the waterpark’s website to determine what attractions your child can and can’t use. For instance, children less than 48 inches in height can’t use the Extreme Mat Racers slide and anyone over 48 inches can’t use the Jungle Beach area.

As a family-friendly attraction, the waterpark does maintain rules about appropriate swim attire. Please keep this in mind when choosing your swimsuit for your day at the waterpark.

Waterparks are fun for the whole family but being prepared and following the park’s rules not only mean that everyone has a great time but also that everyone stays safe. So grab your swimsuit and join us at Niagara’s best indoor waterpark for a spectacular time.