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Eating and Drinking Tips for Your Kids’ All-Day Waterpark Fun

WPblog3Almost everyone has heard the common wisdom regarding eating and swimming: “Wait a half-hour after a meal before you head back into the water.” While that notion is a sound one, it actually doesn’t tell you much beyond the bare minimum.

Yes, waiting to swim after a meal will keep you from getting a cramp or feeling ill, but what kind of meal should you eat, and how much water do you need to drink to stay properly hydrated? What kinds of calories should you be taking in when engaging in water-centered fun and exercise?

The question becomes especially pertinent for parents of children about to spend a day at a massive indoor water park like Fallsview. If you struggle with getting your little ones to eat at all, let alone ensure they’re eating well, here are a handful of tips and tricks to make sure their nutrition needs are met while they’re racing down water slides, conquering the wave pool, and, in general, having the time of their lives in Niagara.


One of the most important parts of keeping any body healthy is proper hydration, and for little ones on the go, drinking enough water can be especially hard to remember to do. Help your children out by starting the day off with at least one glass of water and a glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice.

From there, get them to drink some water every hour or so. Depending on your children’s ages, they need anywhere from five to eight glasses of water a day — more when they’re exercising or when the weather is warm. Playing in the water will definitely get your kids sweating, but they’re less likely to notice it, so it’s even more important to push water at them.

Treat their day at the water park like a day of exercise by making sure your kids get plenty of water throughout the day’s fun and after it’s over.

Protein and Carbs

WPblog4Protein and carbohydrates are incredibly important when your children are actively using their bodies. Start them off with a hearty breakfast of eggs along with some fruit and whole grain waffles or pancakes.

Yogurt is also a great breakfast option, as is bacon, sausage, and whole-grain cereal. From there, make sure you have plenty of healthy and hefty snacks on-hand for quick and easy access throughout the day. Trail mixes that include dried fruits and a variety of nuts are ideal, as are granola bars that don’t have any added sugar. Bananas are filled with potassium for repairing tired muscles.

When it’s time for lunch, hit the Planet Hollywood Beach Club. Not only does it have plenty of kid- and adult-friendly options for your entire family, but you can also make sure your children keep filling their bodies with the kinds of calories they need to keep playing.

Once again, be sure to choose options with plenty of protein and carbohydrates like the Gorilla Cheese Sandwich, the Typhoon Turkey Club, or the Kiddie Kahuna Burger. After you all get your fill, be sure to sit back to talk and rest so everyone’s meal can settle.

It almost goes without saying that your kids will have the time of their lives at Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. Help them keep their energy up for it with plenty of water and the right kinds of calories.

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