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Fun Niagara Falls Facts to Consider When Going Down Fallsview Waterpark’s Slides

image001Fallsview Indoor Waterpark boasts some of the best indoor water slides in all of North America, and they’re a true treat for kids of all ages. Whether you’re racing your best friend or your daughter down the Extreme Racing Slide, or you’re spinning your way down The Canadian Plunge, getting from top to bottom is fast, furious, fun, and wet, and it’s a rare individual who doesn’t want to immediately go again.

Every now and then, however, the waterpark attracts someone who is genuinely squeamish about waterslides. Whether due to a fear of heights or a fear of speed, overcoming the nervousness that keeps some wet feet planted firmly on the ground can take strategy and willpower. If you’re about to land in Niagara Falls for vacation, and you’re not sure you can handle the waterslides, here are some fun facts about things that have gone over Niagara Falls that will keep your mind occupied while you’re waiting to barrel down the waterslides at Fallsview Indoor Waterpark.

One of the most fascinating realities about the three waterfalls known collectively as Niagara Falls is that it isn’t just water that has tumbled over them. From people to pets and water vessels, here are some of the most fascinating things and creatures that have ever gone over Niagara Falls.


More than 20 people are known to have gone over the Falls, although it’s possible the number is higher. Some of them attempted the feat in a barrel. Some in a rubber ball. Still others tackled the waters in a kayak or a jet ski. A couple of times, individuals have gone over the Falls in nothing more than the clothes on their backs, and a few of them even lived to tell about it.


Fish go over the Falls every day, but not all of them survive the plunge.


Especially in foggy weather, water birds can get disoriented and go over the Falls.

A Cat

In 1901, a cat was placed in a barrel and sent over Niagara Falls. She survived.

A Turtle

A turtle believed to be around 150 years old went over the Falls in a barrel with his owner back in 1930 and survived.

A Schooner

A schooner is a type of boat with fore and aft sails on at least two masts, and one named Superior accidentally went over the Falls in 1829. Originally intended to coincide with Sam Patch’s famous jump, the schooner got caught up in some whirlpools before coming to rest in shallow water for about a month. Rising waters finally carried it over the Falls.

A Steamer

In 1837 during the Upper Canada Rebellion, the steamer Caroline was set on fire and sent over Niagara Falls after being seized during the Caroline Affair.

So, get your gumption up and head for the waterslides with your head full of these fun facts. After all, joining the forces of gravity and water is a Niagara tradition.

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