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How to Keep Kids Safe and Wet in Fallsview Waterpark

WPblog3.jpegA visit to Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is thrilling for almost every guest in Niagara Falls. Dozens of water slides as well as plenty of pools and play areas offer full days of fun for families and couples alike. However, as exciting as being wet and wild can be, water activities can present a series of dangers.

Considering roughly 44 percent of Americans cannot display “water competency” — which includes such standard swimming procedures as treading water and swimming 25 yards — it is always a good idea to double-check your family’s comfort levels in and around water before scheduling in a full weekend of wet attractions.

Though Fallsview Indoor Waterpark employs countless lifeguards to keep you and your family safe, here are a couple of lessons and tools to employ to ensure absolute mental and physical health for the duration of your stay.

Regularly Practice Swimming

A person of any age can demonstrate any level of swimming ability, and anyone can improve that level through practice. By enrolling your children in swimming classes at early ages, and by encouraging visits to community and friends’ pools, you should be able to foster a brood of strong, confident swimmers who will feel right at home in Fallsview.

Additionally, the more time your children spend around pools, the more familiar they will be with proper poolside behavior, which includes:

  • No running around the pool.
  • No pushing or horseplay around the pool.
  • No glass containers in or around the pool.
  • No electronic devices in or around the pool.
  • No diving without permission.
  • No pretending to call for help.
  • Never swim alone.

WPblog4.jpegBring Proper Gear

Even with frequent practice, some swimmers need or prefer the assistance of various pieces of swimming gear. Experts recommend that very young swimmers, like toddlers, or insecure swimmers always wear some kind of floatation device or be accompanied by a stronger swimmer for help. Other pieces of gear, though not necessary for all swimmers, may provide some amount of protection or aid. Here are a few of the most common pieces of swim gear we see around Fallsview:

  • Goggles. Both chlorinated and salinized water can cause eye trouble, which means swimmers who frequently dive or spend time underwater must do so blind — unless they wear swim goggles. Goggles come in a variety of shapes and styles as well as colors to block UV rays, so your family members can choose the pairs that suit them best.
  • Nose plugs. These clips worn around the nose prevent the accidental inhalation of water during water activities. Not only does this decrease risk of sputtering or drowning, but it cuts down on infections caused by contaminated water, too.
  • Earplugs. Swimmers who have a history of ear infections may require plugs to prevent seepage into the delicate ear canal. Frequent flooding of the ear can cause infections which lead to hearing loss, so keeping out moisture is crucial for healthy hearing.
  • Floatation devices. It doesn’t matter if they are in vest, jacket, wing, or belt form, floatation devices are some of the most effective tools for swim safety.

If you are afraid you and your family will feel like fish out of water at Fallsview due to lack of swimming opportunities, don’t despair. There are lifeguards everywhere to help keep an eye on you and your family. Still, it is smart to review rules for water safety with your children and have certain pieces of swim gear available just in case.

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