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What to Do When Your Little Ones Get Sick on Vacation

WPblog5Vacations are supposed to be all about fun, memories, and great experiences. While most vacations usually go off without a hitch, it’s not uncommon for things to awry, and this is especially true with regard to children and minor illnesses.

Travel can sometimes cause even the healthiest among us to catch a bug. The stress of travel, germy airports and airplanes, and even a sudden change in climate can all bring on colds or other illnesses. While none of these are generally serious, sick kids don’t want to miss out on the fun and neither do the parents who might have to stay behind in the hotel to care for them.

If your child gets sick while you’re on vacation in Niagara Falls, here are a few things you can do to get your kids back in shape to enjoy all the fun the region has to offer.

Call Your Hotel’s Concierge

A hotel’s concierge can often be your best resource, and not just for assistance in planning activities. He or she is an expert on the local area and will have a list of doctors and clinics at the ready. This may even include a doctor that will make a hotel call.

If you have to make a trip to the clinic, your concierge will be able to tell you which ones are open, which ones have pediatricians on site, and will call a taxi to get you there. While it’s part of their job, most concierges truly enjoy helping people and assisting you with a sick child will be a top priority.

WPblog6Find a Local Pharmacy

If you’re confident that your child’s symptoms can be treated with over the counter remedies, simply head over to a local pharmacy. Pharmacies are located throughout the main Niagara tourist areas, and a quick Google Map search on your phone will yield multiple results.

However, if you’re not in your home country, be sure to consult with the pharmacist. Some brands and types of medications like cough syrups and fever reducers may be labeled under a different brand. The pharmacist should be able to help you find and choose your favorite or most trusted brands.

Ride It Out

Sometimes you just have to let an illness run its course. While this is especially frustrating when on vacation, you know your child best and you know what they’re capable of when they’re not feeling their best. Plan activities in the morning so you can ensure that your child has time for a nap in the afternoon, and skip the late night adventures, at least for a day or two.

Also, be courteous to other parents and don’t allow a sick child to swim in public pools. This can help avoid spreading the illness to other kids.

Dealing with a sick child while on vacation is hard, but it can happen. Be sure to treat your child’s symptoms early, see a doctor if necessary, and plan alternate activities. It might not be the ideal situation, but you can still make the best of your family’s visit to Niagara Falls.

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