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wp7.jpegIn most cities with water parks, that hot day in late spring when the park finally opens its doors for the summer is eagerly anticipated by hoards of enthusiastic patrons. The day when they can finally don their swimsuits, sunblock, and flip-flops and spend hours, or even days, running around in the safe sand and surf is one of the happiest of the year. In Niagara Falls, that day never comes — because Niagara Falls’ best water park is mostly contained indoors and never closes for winter.

While it may seem odd to house a water park inside a building, Fallsview Indoor Water Park maintains every single positive attribute of regular water parks while adding a few perks of its own. See what fun Fallsview Indoor Water Park promises you, and get ready to have the best day of the year anytime you want.


While swimsuit shopping might be a dreadful chore for some people, for everyone else, strapping on their bikinis and buckling their trunks marks a special and memorable occasion. At the water park, everyone gets to show off their swimsuit style all day long, and because Fallsview Water Park is mostly inside, you don’t have to worry about lathering on sun block during the day or covering up in a jacket when the sun sets.


While it’s true that Fallsview Water Park is indoors, it is more accurate to say that it is mostly indoors. In fact, Fallsview does have a pool and deck outside, so for most of the year, if travelers crave some fresh air and sunlight, they can head outside for an hour or two to soak up the rays.


There are plenty of reasons to swim, including the fact that swimming is one of the most effective workouts that has the most minimal negative impact on the body. You can strengthen your heart, decrease your likelihood of developing a serious disease like diabetes or cancer, and build and maintain a stronger, more attractive body. Meanwhile, you’re having a comfortable, fun time in the pool.


Swimming may be healthy, but most people don’t look forward to the water park just to get in their daily laps. In fact, water parks provide a completely different thrill usually discouraged at local community pools: splashing. Splash your friends, splash some strangers — everyone goes to the water park to get wet, so going crazy is totally appropriate.


WPblog10.jpegSometimes “getting wet” is a bit of an understatement at a water park; truly, what most people hope for is to be thoroughly soaked. At Fallsview Water Park, there are plenty of opportunities to feel sopping straight to the bone. Our favorite is our tipping bucket, which unleashes a whopping 1,000 gallons of water on anyone in the area once it’s upended.


You may be able to buy a slide for your own backyard pool, but it doesn’t nearly match the excitement of the intense waterslides at Fallsview Water Park. Our slides rush riders along at unexpected speeds, down drops and around curves, to truly make the adrenaline start pumping. Race your friends with the racing slides or face your fears with the Canadian Plunge — there’s a slide for everyone in Fallsview.


More than anything, we know that our water park fosters pure and unadulterated joy. If you’re looking for a simple vacation full of fun and laughter, come to Niagara Falls where you can find the thrills of a water park any time of year.

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