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Niagara Falls’ 3 Most Fun Wet and Wild Family Activities

WPblog30.jpegNiagara Falls is undeniably all about the water. If it weren’t for the 3,160 tons of water rushing over the falls every second, Niagara wouldn’t be the must-see destination it is today. Every Niagara Falls vacation needs a little water, especially if you have kids along who would benefit from some hands-on interaction with that tiny molecule that makes Niagara so special. Here’s a short list of the best wet activities for you and your family during your trip to Niagara Falls.

Feel the Falls up Close

Sure, Niagara is beautiful from a distance, but there’s nothing like getting up-close and personal with the falls and feeling the mist and spray on your skin. Plenty of tour groups can get you a great look at the falls, but only a handful will bring you right up next to them.

Maid of the Mist is the most famous and reliable tour boat that takes travelers to the base of the falls. Though they’ll provide you a plastic poncho to protect you from most of the falls’ water, it is advisable to wear waterproof shoes or at least a pair that you don’t mind getting quite soaked. Note that any loose technology could get a little drenched as well — waterproof your cameras, or keep them safely tucked away in bags or back at the hotel.

The Journey Behind the Falls is another great way to see the falls from a new (and moist) perspective. You’ll take an elevator and stairway down 150 feet from Table Rock through bedrock to the base of Horseshoe Falls and take a walk along a tunnel to see the falls like never before. Like the Maid of the Mist, you’ll wear a waterproof poncho, but you should come prepared to get a little damp.

Make Time for Play

WPblog31.jpegAfter a couple days of sightseeing, it’s definitely nice to have a day devoted to play. Niagara’s best indoor water park provides attractions of all stripes for families of all shapes and sizes.

If you prefer to test your fears, try some of the death-defying slides. If you like a relaxing dip, try one of the wave or floating pools. If you love to splash around in a giant jungle gym, there’s plenty to choose from. As long as you plan to get a little (or quite a bit) wet, there’s something for you to do here.

Learn a Little, Too

One of the lesser-known attractions in Niagara Falls, Niagara’s Fury teaches travelers just how Niagara Falls was created so many millennia ago. This thrilling show puts poncho’d participants on a stage surrounded by screens and ominous-looking fans and rain-makers. You’ll be blown by the extreme winds carrying rain and snow; you’ll feel the shifting temperatures of the region as the landscape changes around you. Not only does this attraction put you right in the middle of the action — getting you just as soaked as the falls themselves — but it also lets you learn a little more about how the region came to be.

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