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Niagara Falls Souvenir Ideas for Kids

wpblog12Now that virtually everyone has access to a digital camera, whether it’s a phone or a full DSLR kit, making memories during your family vacations is easier than ever. In fact, through the wonders of modern technology, you’re even able to share these memories instantly with family and friends across the world.

However, leaving these memories to languish on Facebook or Instagram might be a great way for parents to remember their visit to Niagara Falls, younger children might not retain the same wonder and joy they felt during their visit. It’s not their fault; they’re little and learning so much that Niagara might just slip through the cracks.

These are some great Niagara souvenir ideas for kids that can help them recall their family vacation, and may even be keepsakes that they’ll carry with them for a lifetime.

A Piece of Art

Art falls under many different categories, but a nice painting or piece of pottery proudly displayed in your child’s bedroom is a great way for them to remember their visit to Niagara Falls. If you choose, you can visit one of Niagara’s many art galleries to select a piece or you can visit one of the many street artists in the area who proudly sell their work. This way their souvenir will grow up with them.

Another way to bring Niagara art home and to make it personal is by paying a visit to Crock a Doodle, the paint your own pottery gallery. You kids can spend some time getting messy with paint but the end result is their own, unique piece of pottery that they will always associate with Niagara Falls.

A Photo Memory Book

wpblog13Instagram and other photo sharing apps like it are great ways to edit and share your photos while you’re traveling, but when you get home these photos can be forgotten as you get back into your daily routine. That’s unfortunate because many Instagram users take great care to edit their photos and the results are usually extremely good.

There are several reputable companies who can take your Instagram photos and print them, then bind them into a wonderful photo album. These photos can also be made into creative collages that can be hung on a wall, or print the photo onto fabric that can then become a throw pillow. The options are almost endless but all serve as a way for your child to remember their Niagara vacation for years to come.

The Ubiquitous T-Shirt

T-Shirts are generally the go-to choice for souvenirs, and kids love them. With their bright colors and eye-catching logos, kids will often gravitate toward T-Shirt stands and immediately choose one or more that they simply can’t live without.

However, it’s likely that you child already has several destination T-Shirts at home, and they grow so quickly that sometimes they’ll only get a few months’ wear from them. However, one clever use of discarded T-Shirts is to carefully cut the logos of pictures from them and combine them together into a keepsake quilt or blanket. Not only does this result in a cozy blanket, but your child can look over the various squares and remember their family trips.

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