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What Not to Bring to Fallsview Indoor Water Park

WPblog1.jpegThe ocean, the lake, and the neighborhood swimming pool are all incredibly exciting to visit. Each offers wet and wild fun in the sun on cloudless days — but outdoor excitement at these supposedly refreshing destinations requires quite a bit of forethought and preparation.

Clothing for transportation, food and beverages for sustenance, and even first aid are all basic essentials for what should be a simple and fun day on the water. Just the thought can dishearten any eager water-lover from seeking good, wet times. Fortunately, Niagara Falls has the answer.

Fallsview Indoor Water Park, situated conveniently in downtown Niagara Falls amidst the glitz and glamour of the tourist district, can offer all the wet excitement you crave without the stress of planning and packing. Here are all the items you can leave out of your suitcase when you visit to Niagara Falls on your next vacation.

1. Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are created equal: Most eye doctors recommend finding a pair that clearly state what benefits they can provide wearers. The most important feature for sunglasses is that they block 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, which are emitted from the sun even on cloudy days and can cause all sorts of eye disease.

While Fallsview Indoor Water Park does have an outdoor pool and patio area — named Sunnyside — the vast majority of our park’s attractions are housed in a light-controlled indoor area, so there is no risk of harming your delicate eyes by spending all day without protective lenses.

2. Shoes

Outdoor water play can be rough on the delicate skin and bones of the feet. Hot sand can burn, while rocky terrain can bruise and slice, especially when it is hidden by murky water. That is why most podiatrists advocate for the use of water shoes during outdoor play.

The crystal clear water in Fallsview precludes the accidental stumbling or scratching that takes place in cloudy water; even so, the entire park is paved, which means your toes are totally safe no matter where you place them. Some guests do choose to wear protective shoes while they walk around the park. While this is not necessary, it can help less sure-footed guests maintain their balance on wet and slippery surfaces. If you do elect to don footwear, make sure it is rated for use in water, or else you might ruin a good pair of shoes.

WPblog2.jpeg3. Snacks and Drinks

Spending all day outside playing in the water can make anyone hungry or dehydrated — and the same can be said for spending all day playing in Fallsview. However, the key difference is that beaches and pools don’t provide sustenance for visitors, while our indoor water park facilities can offer some of the best snacks and drinks in the city.

The Planet Hollywood Beach Club offers everyone’s favorite meals, like hamburgers and chicken fingers, as well as a bevy of cocktails perfect for parents who are kicking back. Skip the zip-top bags filled with PB&J sandwiches, and enjoy a real meal while you play.

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