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Where to Take Picky Eaters in Niagara Falls

WPblog5.jpegPicky eating is most often associated with kids, but some adults never do grow out of the phase where anything green is questionably edible and highly processed foods make for the most mouthwatering meals. Believe it or not, picky eating, or “selective eating” as the experts call it, has become a diagnosable eating disorder that afflicts millions of people around the world.

Picky eating makes every meal an ordeal, but when one is on vacation with a picky eater, finding appropriate foods that every diner will enjoy can quickly become an insurmountable obstacle.

No matter the age of your picky eater — and no matter the degree of his or her potential mental disorder — a trip to Niagara Falls definitely won’t result in a food-related headache. Designed with families in mind, the city is full of restaurants and eateries that will cater to each and every taste.

1. Planet Hollywood

Filled with memorabilia and artifacts from your favorite past and present Hollywood movies, Planet Hollywood is enticing for its atmosphere alone. However, the restaurant’s menu is a picky eater’s dream. Tempting tastes like bruschetta and veggie burgers mix seamlessly with picky eaters’ familiar favorites like nachos and spaghetti. Almost every menu item is designed with a picky eater’s palate in mind, and eating disorder or no, everyone in your party will leave feeling full and satisfied.

Plus, there is even an outpost of the restaurant in Fallsview Indoor Waterpark that offers the most popular items from the typical Planet Hollywood menu — chicken fingers, fries, and more — so you don’t have to interrupt your wet and wild fun to grab a suitable meal for any of your picky brood.

2. Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

WPblog6.jpegWith some picky eaters, you can’t go wrong serving any kind of breakfast food. Luckily, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery does just that — all day long. Perkins Restaurant has lunch and dinner entrées as well, but their ultimate breakfast platters are paradise on a plate for most picky eaters. All in all, there are more than 100 menu items to choose from, including bestselling dishes like:

  • Secret Recipe Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Brioche French Toast
  • Fresh Club Sandwich
  • All-Time Favorite Pot Roast

Plus, every lunch and dinner meal comes with a complimentary slice of world-famous pie. If the adults’ menu still doesn’t satisfy selective tastes, a specially designated kids’ menu with dishes like pizza, cheeseburger, and the thrilling French toast tower should.

3. Fallsview Buffet

When all else fails, you can’t lose when you take a picky eater to a buffet. The Fallsview Restaurant Buffet balances fresh ingredients in simple-yet-stunning meals with world-class views of the magnificent Horseshoe Falls. The buffet is open for all three meals of the day, but kids eat free during dinnertime, which makes this restaurant the cream of the crop for families with young picky eaters. Indiscriminate and selective eaters alike can choose whatever food they like, and you all can enjoy the culinary elegance and powerful beauty of Niagara Falls — without compromising for the sake of an eating disorder.

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