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The Summer Concert Series at the Niagara Falls History Museum

image001Roughly 1/4 of all overnight visitors traveling to Ontario spend time in a museum, which makes sense when you learn that 44 percent of all North American travelers do so in order to take in the arts and culture of a new place. The Niagara Falls History Museum is one of the crown jewels among the museums in the Niagara region, with an impressive permanent collection and fascinating exhibits that include everything from artifacts and objects from the War of 1812 to a community gallery that allows visitors to interactively experience what it would be like to become a Niagara Falls daredevil.

All in all, the Niagara Falls History Museum tells the ways in which the past impacts the area’s present and perceived future, which, for anyone taking in the region’s lush offerings, is bound to be fascinating.

image003But one of the greatest things about the museum is that it routinely holds events that extend beyond the scope of Niagara history as part of the museum’s broader mission to engage the people of Niagara and its visitors. From classes and forums to a variety of entertainment, surprising fun can be had. One particularly enriching option is the museum’s Summer Concert Series that showcases area bands every other Thursday night at 7 p.m. in July and August. Here is a closer look at the four concerts — two in July and two in August — that make up this year’s Summer Concert Series at the Niagara Falls History Museum.

July 9 – Rod Standish

The first concert in the series features Rod Standish, a Canadian musician known for some impressive guitar feats, including being the Guinness world record holder in Guitar Marathon — a title he won after playing for 58.5 hours straight. Rod will be performing along with his wife, Ashlee, who plays keyboard. Singer-songwriter Katey Gatta will also perform that night.

July 23 – James Underwood

The third Thursday of the month brings rock and roller, James Underwood, to the Niagara Falls History Museum along with Anthony Botting’s band, A Book for Wanderers. The two singers have routinely collaborated, but the night will showcase each of them as individuals as well. For fans of roots music that combines folk sensibilities with a heavy rock impulse, James Underwood and A Book for Wanderers shouldn’t be missed.

August 6 – Sharla Dawn Ross

Sharla Dawn Ross is a young musician who hails from a musical family. Specializing in the Americana and country music traditions of North American, her sound is both bluesy and soulful. Eli & The Strawman will also perform, a popular local band filled with many of the area’s finest musicians and fronted by Eli Maiuri.

August 20 – Serena Pryne and Nick Riot

The last concert in the Summer Concert Series features Serena Pryne and Nick Riot, a musical duo that has existed in numerous incarnations over the last 15, the latest of which is The Mandevilles, area specialists in no-holds-barred rock and roll. They’ll be joined by The Kerouacs, an active area rock and roll favorite — a great night for lovers of independent rock.

Take in the local music scene when you visit Niagara Falls, by spending a Thursday night at the Niagara Falls History Museum’s Summer Concert Series.

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