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A Totally Toddler Trip in Niagara Falls

WP1.jpegMany parents with young children feel they don’t have time or energy for a vacation — when a vacation is actually exactly what the whole family needs. Just because you have young children doesn’t mean you deserve to miss out on a trip of a lifetime, and though many vacation destinations are difficult to manage with toddlers in tow, Niagara Falls is perfect for travelers of all sizes and ages. Plus, it isn’t all kiddie concerts and playgrounds — adults will have just as much fun as their tots. If you don’t believe us, read on for some of the grade-A activities available for kids of all ages in Niagara Falls.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

Who doesn’t love a day filled with water slides and sunning pools? All day, every day — come rain, snow, sleet, or hail — Canada’s best waterpark is open for business. While the high-octane slides and more active playgrounds — including one with a one thousand-gallon tipping bucket — are perfect for older kids over about five years (or taller than 40 inches, at least), smaller and younger children (and their parents) will feel more comfortable splashing around the Tiny Tots Splash Park, a play area filled with streams and soakers designed with younger needs in mind.

Parents can indulge in the park as well, relaxing by Fallsview Beach and sipping drinks from the Planet Hollywood Beach Club. Alternatively, if you’re daring enough, you can take turns on the adrenaline-inducing slides.

Marine Land

For an educational adventure, be sure to bring the wee-ones to Marineland Canada. A world-class aquarium meets amusement park meets theatrical production, Marineland knows just how to entertain all ages. There are a bevy of tanks filled with a veritable marine menagerie, as well as a handful of Canada’s largest land mammals; some of the animals you can learn about include:

  • Beluga whales
  • Killer whales
  • Dolphins
  • Sea lions
  • Bison
  • Elk
  • Deer
  • And more!

For an additional fee, you and your kids can get up close to the animals to feed, pet, or even play with them.

When you tire of seeing animals in their everyday activities, you can watch them perform amazing feats with their trainers. Dolphins and whales soar through the air while walruses and sea lions joke around on stage to hilarious effect.

Finally, once you’ve been dazzled by the animals’ abilities, you can get some air yourselves with a plethora of rides ranging from death-defying (and inappropriate for toddlers) to serene. The Trivioli Wheel and Boat Carousel are open for all ages and heights, but if your tot passes the 42-inch mark, you can experience the thrills of all but the most terrifying of rides.

Niagara Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory

WP2.jpegFor a more relaxing activity after your tot is tired out, you can explore the refined beauty of Niagara’s outdoors in the perfectly maintained Botanical Gardens. Indigenous and exotic plants alike are well cared for in this area, and your youngster will love wandering the footpaths and seeing the bright flowers and lush greenery.

In the middle of the gardens, you’ll find the Butterfly Conservatory, where for a small entrance fee, your little one can have the magical experience of walking through clouds of 2,000 different species of colorful butterflies.

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