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Vacation Mishaps and How to Deal With Them

wpblog18While it’s rare there is always the chance that things can go wrong when you’re on vacation. Usually it’s nothing more than minor issues that can be cleared up with just a few phone calls or emails, but on occasion things go wrong that need much more attention.

It’s not terribly likely that you’ll deal with anything more serious than sunburn or a favorite toy that goes missing. However, if you do find yourself in a situation that needs immediate attention you can rest assured that many people in the hospitality industry in Niagara are well-versed in these types of problems and how to deal with them.

These are a few of the things that could go wrong while you’re visiting Niagara Falls, and how to deal with them quickly and efficiently so you can get back to having fun.

What to Do If Your Child Gets Sick

The last thing you want is for your child to get sick on vacation but it does happen. If it’s something minor like a cold or allergies there are numerous pharmacies that can supply you with the over the counter medications that you might need to have your little one back on their feet in no time.

If it’s something more serious be sure to contact your hotel concierge right away. These professionals have intimate knowledge of all the services in the area and can point you in the right direction to a pediatrician’s office, an urgent care clinic, or a hospital emergency room. The concierge will even be happy to call ahead to alert the office of your situation and arrange transport.

What If You Lose Your Passport

Losing a passport is a traveler’s worst nightmare, but if you take the proper steps this problem can be rectified relatively easily. First of all, be absolutely sure that you take paper copies of the information page of each family member’s passport with you, and email copies to yourself for added assurance.

wpblog19Contact your local embassy as soon as possible. Again, your hotel concierge will have the appropriate phone numbers and email addresses to put you in touch with the right people. There are several passport agencies in Buffalo County if you’re on the American side of the falls.

However, if you’re in Canada, the nearest US consular office is in Toronto, which is about two hours by car from Niagara. Bring your paper copy of the lost passport and any other official identification with you to expedite the issuance of a new passport. In some cases you can be issued a temporary passport to allow you entrance back into the United States, then you can apply for a regular passport when you return home.

Most vacations go off without a hitch but sometimes things go wrong and you simply have to deal with them as they arise. Preparation is more than half the battle so be sure that, before you leave your home, you’re armed with all the things you may need to deal with any problems that may arise. This way, you’ll have more time to enjoy your time in Niagara Falls despite any mishaps.

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