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What Not to Do on Your Family Vacation in Niagara Falls

image001A family vacation can be a pleasant affair, with every family member bursting with utter enjoyment — or a family vacation can be abysmal, boring, and filled with sullenness from adults and children alike. Generally, there is no in-between: Either the trip was a roaring success or a disastrous failure, with nothing in between.

More often than not, a trip to Niagara Falls ends in the first scenario, with parents and kids utterly content, and eagerly looking forward to their next vacation to this city of wonder. However, we have seen unfortunate situations where families appear to regret their existence entirely. Still, after years of study on this precise phenomenon, we are proud to report that there are a few preventative measures and remedies for families who are particularly susceptible to taking terrible trips. We promise, if you come to Niagara Falls and follow our careful instructions on what not to do, you and your kids will never want to leave.

Don’t Miss Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

It is hard to miss the fantastic structure that makes up Canada’s largest indoor waterpark, yet some families seem to pass it by without a second glance. That’s their mistake, as inside, Fallsview offers dozens of thrilling slides, dozens more wet and wild play areas, and a handful of pools for swimming and leisure.

Your children will have a blast climbing up and sliding down the various play structures around the park. Since getting wet is a childhood pastime, they won’t be able to help romping around the Beach House, exploring the Jungle Playland, and drenching each other senseless underneath the thousand-gallon tipping bucket. Meanwhile you and your significant other can enjoy endless drinks from the Planet Hollywood Beach Club bar and restaurant and laze around the pool for a full day of relaxation.

Don’t Forget to Tour Niagara’s Various Wildlife Parks

image003Too many people expect Niagara Falls to only be a developed metropolis, and they pay attention only to the shops, arcades, and casino games in busy downtown. While the tourist district of Niagara Falls is inarguably one of the best in the world, the Niagara Parks system is a haven for many indigenous plants and animals that have long called the region home. Walking around Niagara’s wilderness, you may very well spot some of the area’s most fascinating creatures, including red tail foxes and eagles.

Niagara Falls is comfortably placed in the verdant valleys of southern Ontario, but when you and your family come to Niagara Falls, you can also venture into the tropics and to see and feel plants and animals from more exotic reaches of the Earth. Safari Niagara contains wondrous beasts such as African lions and giraffes, and the Bird Kingdom can provide hands-on encounters with macaws, pythons, and Nile monitors.

Don’t Ignore the Museums Around Niagara Falls

Parents who take their kids on vacation without intending to educate and enlighten about the world at large are robbing their children of excellent opportunities to expand their minds. Niagara Falls has an extensive geologic and cultural history that it is proud to share with visitors through a variety of fantastic museums. While you are here, swing by any of the following institutions of learning to make your kids’ break from school just as educational as a day of classes.

  • Niagara Falls History Museum
  • Laura Secord Homestead
  • Daredevil Hall of Fame
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Niagara Falls
  • Battleground Hotel Museum

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