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When You Don’t Want to Leave the Hotel: 3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants That Deliver

wpblog6Vacation can be exhausting — especially for the little ones in your charge. After a fun-filled day of sightseeing, zipping down slides at a massive indoor waterpark, and otherwise enjoying yourselves more than you thought humanly possible, it can sometimes feel like tempting fate to also expect small children and even teenagers to have the energy and self-control to cooperate with a sit-down dinner at a restaurant.

After you’ve had a great time, why risk ruining a perfect day with something tailor-made to create conditions most favorable to a meltdown in the evening? Niagara Falls has plenty of restaurants with kid- and adult-friendly menus, and some of the best ones will also deliver food right to your hotel room. From exotic foods to familiar standbys, here are three Niagara restaurants you can patronize from the comfort of your pajamas.

Pho Xyclo

Is there anything better than hot, fresh Vietnamese food delivered right to your door? Popular local restuarant, Pho Xyclo, is a great option when you need a delivery option that’s not just reliable but also exciting. Especially if you have a mix of adventurous and picky eaters to feed, the wide variety of outstanding South Asian dishes, as well as the availability of plain noodles and rice, makes this eatery a perfect match for almost any family’s needs.

They’re closed on Mondays through the winter months (November 1 through April 31) but are otherwise open and ready to make the trek to your hotel room. So, order up something delicious, climb into something comfortable, order up your family’s favorite movie, and dive into some of the best food the city has to offer.

Passage to India

Another popular restaurant, Passage to India serves up fantastic Indian and Pakastani meals seven days a week, all year long. They also make everything from scratch without any MSG, preservatives, or additives, so you can feel good about choosing their food for your little ones. Whether you’re craving vegetable pakoras or tandoori chicken, their food is superb, and it can all be delivered to your room with little more than a phone call.

If one of your little ones refuses to eat anything but chicken fingers, you’re in luck. Passage to India has a small kids’ menu that includes Chicken Strips. They’re open every day from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Pete’s Pizza

wpblog8With almost more locations that you can shake a stick at — seven to be exact, although only two of them are in Niagara Falls proper — Pete’s Pizza is ideal for those nights you need to stay in when you also want to make sure you avoid any trouble regarding getting your kids to eat.

Whether you want extra cheese, pineapple, anchovies, or pepperoni, Pete’s can make you a pie to please everyone who’s traveling with you, and on the off-chance someone insists they won’t eat pizza, they also offer wings, chicken fingers, onion rings, and fries. They open every day at 11 a.m., and some nights they don’t close until 4 a.m.

So, go ahead and wear yourselves out. You’ll still get to eat like kings on your Niagara family vacation with delivery from one of these great restaurants.

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