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3 Niagara Hikes Your Kids Will Love

wpblog1Not every family makes a point to get in some good, daily exercise while on vacation. Worrying about health doesn’t often land too high on most people’s vacation itineraries, after all. That being said, if you’re like most parents out there, the prospect of going a whole week without getting your kids’ heart rates up enough to tire them out doesn’t sound too thrilling.

Sure, there’s the energetic fun to be had at Fallsview Indoor Waterpark and the constant racing away from you whenever you head into a store or attraction, but to really benefit from the lowered rates of bickering and earlier bedtimes brought about through exercise, you’re going to need to aim at something a bit more athletic.

Whether or not your children are big fans of the great outdoors, a hike is a great way to blow off steam, use up energy, and otherwise set everyone up for preserving the peace. Here are three Niagara area hikes that your little ones should be able to do, and they’re likely to love every minutes of it.

Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Okay. So the name of this conservation area is already bound to be popular with most little ones, but bearing the same name as a popular animated clownfish is just the beginning. At just over two miles long, the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club trail is located along the Niagara Escarpment. Set in a forest that at one point follows the edge of an abandoned quarry, the trail showcases some of the least disrupted forest in all of eastern North America, and the thick undergrowth of ferns and moss feels downright prehistoric.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for birds, insects, reptiles, and small mammals throughout the hike, too. You stand a good chance of seeing everything from dragonflies and terns to porcupines and salamanders.

Dufferin Islands Park

Located in the Niagara River just south of Niagara Falls, Dufferin Islands Park is made up of a group of manmade islands that are linked by bridges. While zipping from one little island to another won’t take up too much time or expend too much energy, if you have little ones who love to play hide and seek or I Spy or you take the time to craft a scavenger hunt, the Dufferin Islands make for a great and interactive hike.

The Waterfront Trail

wpblog2.jpegA trail that covers over 750 miles, you and your little ones can easily catch the section that runs from Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary to Malcolmson Eco Park. Less than two and a half miles round-trip, this portion of Waterfront Trail will take you along the shore of Lake Ontario via parts of the Welland Canal.

You can spy everything from big ships to migratory birds and small mammals along this trail, and when you’ve returned to the start, you and your kids can spend some time at Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary, which houses everything from migratory birds to a playground and petting zoo.

Get in some exercise your next vacation by heading to Niagara and taking in one of these three hikes that your kids are bound to love.

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