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How to be Romantic When You’re in Niagara — With Children

WPblog1Being in love can transform the most mundane experiences into memories that last a lifetime. Cloudy days seem sunny. A mediocre meal takes on the sheen of a couple Michelin stars. A poor performance review at work becomes little more than just a helpful suggestion.

In similar fashion, traveling with your beloved is always a tremendous pleasure, except during those times when travel with your beloved must include an unfortunate caveat: your children.

Can a family vacation ever include romance? It’s all in how creative you’re willing to get. Here’s a look at how you can be romantic when you visit Niagara even when you have your children in tow.

Plan Ahead

While you’re planning your Niagara vacation, why not plan ahead and insert some romantic moments into it, too? From ordering flowers and having them delivered to your hotel room to scheduling a couple’s massage while the kids are at a matinee movie, planning ahead will make sure romance doesn’t take a backseat to time with the kids for every minute of every day.

While the amount of romantic planning you can pull off will directly correlate to the age and dependency levels of your children, there’s bound to be a little romantic wiggle room in your itinerary if you elbow it out early enough.

Be Sneaky

One of the easiest ways to be romantic is to catch the one you love by surprise, and in Niagara, the opportunities are endless. Sidle up next to her while you’re all staring agape at the waterfalls and lace your fingers through hers. Spend a day at Fallsview indoor waterpark and wear your kids out so you can spend a quiet evening in. Send your teenagers out for donuts and coffee while he’s in the shower so you can have a little time to yourselves before they get back to your hotel room. Write little love notes and stow them away in the pockets of clothes she already packed the night before you hop on a plane.

Even when your days and nights are filled with family fun and responsibilities, if you’re sneaky in the right ways and at the right times, you and your partner can still feel as though you’re enjoying romantic moments all over Niagara.

Take a Walk

WPblog2Even if your children are little, you can still head out for a romantic stroll. Yes, they’ll be with you, but Niagara affords plenty of opportunities to revel in natural beauty and the joy of one another’s company that are just as safe and fun for lovebirds as children of all ages.

Spend some time in the Botanical Gardens or wander over to the Dufferin Islands. One of the simplest and nicest places to take a walk is through Queen Victoria Park, where you’ll also have a great view of the waterfalls as well.

Just because you’re on a family vacation to Niagara doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all thoughts of romance. From planning ahead to ensuring some surprise by being sneaky, you and your partner can rekindle your romance even while you head out for your fourth meal of pizza in three days.

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