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3 Ways to Maximize Your Fun at a Water Park

image001In many ways, a visitor to a water park shouldn’t have to maximize her fun; it should be built into the very fabric of the place and the experience that can be had there. From slides to wave pools, a good water park offers a wealth of ways to have a squeal-worthy good time.

That’s especially true of Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. One of the largest and most highly regarded water parks in all of North America, Fallsview is a water park on steroids — even Scrooge and the Grinch would have a great time here. Of course, such a statement invites something of a challenge. After all, how can you have more fun than the most fun? While it may seem impossible to squeeze more fun out of an already exhilaratingly fun experience, here are three methods of fun maximization that just might help you have an even better time at an already stellar water park.

1. Scavenger Hunt

One time-tested way to maximize fun in almost any situation is to add a scavenger hunt to your activity, and, it turns out, a water park is a near-deal scavenger hunt setting. Go easy on the preparation and take an elaborate “I Spy” approach: Decide beforehand what everyone will be on the lookout for (Blue hair? A matching mother-and-daughter swimsuit set? A pool noodle the same color as your Golden Retriever? Someone making a behind-the-back catch of a Nerf football?). Then, snap photos of the particular people, colors, happenings, and the like that fit with your underwater or waterproof digital camera. At dinnertime or whenever you’re done playing, look through the photos to see how everyone fared. Another tactic is to sit down ahead of time and devise a true hunt where someone makes and hides clues that lead you from one fabulous water park activity to the next. It’s a great way to turn a fun time into an even more fun time.

2. Make a Game of It

Of course, a scavenger hunt isn’t the only kind of game you can add to your time at a water park. While you need to ensure that your games are safe ones, there’s no reason a little friendly competition can’t be added into the water park mix. Race against one another while barreling down the slides. See how long you can hold your breath underwater. Declare certain words off-limits — water, wet, laughing, etc. — and try to get your kids to either say them or guess them if you’ve eliminated them from your speech but have kept them a secret. Easygoing games that don’t require any props, save your wits and will, are a great way to increase the fun you’re already having.

image0033. Rest Up

While it may not seem like it, one easy way to get the most fun out of your time at a water park is to make sure you’re well-rested before you go. Water play can be exhausting, and being well-slept and in good health will make sure you make the most of your time in the water, on the slides, in the hot springs, and in the plunge bowl. Be sure to get plenty of rest while you’re on vacation, too, so you never have to take a day off to recover.

While it’s hard to improve on water park fun, you just might be able to maximize it with these three tips.

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