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Essential Tips for Having the Best Niagara Family Vacation Ever

image001Family vacation disasters are never any fun, regardless of the fantastic stories they can offer up years down the road. Whether due to food poisoning, lousy weather, an epic argument, or transportation woes, a fun and carefree family vacation beats one beset with difficulty any day.

For the family en route to Niagara, it can seem impossible that any potential mishap might lurk in your sure-to-be-fun future. Niagara is arguably one of the safest bets a family can make when it comes to ensuring a good time, but a little just-in-case planning can still go a long way. From guarding against motion sickness to being prepared for a rainy day, here are a few essential tips to having the best Niagara family vacation ever.

Don’t Get Sick

One of the worst ways to spend your vacation is sick — any kind of sick. While, sometimes, there really is nothing you can do to guard against falling ill, a little preparation helps. To that end, be sure to do the following:

  • Get plenty of rest. For a couple weeks ahead of your arrival and while you’re here, try and sleep at least eight hours a night to keep your immune system healthy.
  • Take motion-sickness medicine. Whether your youngest gets sick on car trips that last over a half-hour or you’re nervous about what the rides at MarineLand might do to you, be on the safe side: Give or take Dramamine ahead of time.
  • Wash your hands. It’s a good practice to employ anyway, but starting a few weeks before your trip, wash your hands more often than you regularly do to keep nefarious germs at bay.

Have Rainy Day Plans

image003In general, Niagara boasts mild weather no matter what the season, but that doesn’t mean your vacation won’t be met with some rain, snow, or other unsavory outdoor weather event. Plan ahead with an itinerary that includes rainy-day events. Plan to take in another day at Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. Keep a dinner theatre show as an option. Pack a puzzle, your raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas. Being prepared will help keep all of you from feeling like you missed out if the weather turns sour.

Include Everyone

It can be tempting to make all the plans regarding where you’ll go without inviting comment, but it stands to reason that including your children and partner in the mix will make for a better time had by all. Get on the computer together and research about all Niagara has to offer.

There really is something for everyone: nature lovers, history buffs, animal nuts, shopaholics, oenophiles, and much more. By including everyone before you leave, not only will you get any serious discussion or arguing out of the way before you leave home, but you’ll also help ensure everyone has the vacation he or she wants to have.

By choosing to vacation in Niagara, you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to having a great family vacation. By following these three tips, however, you’re doing yourself one better and making sure that nothing can keep your fun from flowing freely.

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