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4 Essential Items You Can’t Forget to Bring to Niagara

WP5.jpegNothing ruins a vacation faster than forgetting something. What makes matters worse is that sometimes the most obvious items are the hardest to remember while packing. Niagara Falls is a well-traveled vacation destination, so if you forget something you can probably find it in any of the stores and shopping centers around the city. However, it would be a shame to leave these items at home. While you’re packing for your trip to the Falls, remember to tuck these necessities in amongst the rest.

1. Passport

This is easily one of the most forgotten items by travelers to Niagara Falls. Canada and the United States are quite similar in culture, and parts of Niagara Falls do fall on the American side of the border, meaning many travelers forget they’ll need to leave the country during their trip to the natural wonder. Unfortunately, this is one prerequisite you can’t leave behind. If you don’t have your passport, you won’t be able to enter (or leave) Canada, meaning you’ll miss out on all the best views of the falls and attractions in the city. You might consider bringing a second photo ID as well, just in case something happens to your passport.

2. Swim Suit

This may be a bit of a surprise considering Niagara Falls is in inland Canada, quite far from a tropical paradise. However, travelers who neglect to bring swimwear will sorely regret their decision. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming and splashing in Niagara Falls and its surrounding regions. Fallsview Indoor Water Park is arguably the best wet and wild fun in the country, even when it’s chilly and rainy, and it’s just steps from the main thoroughfare of the city. Additionally, during the summer, there are swimming holes and lakes dotting the countryside perfect for dipping more than toes. As swim suits are so difficult to shop for even at home, it is far more preferable to bring your own than risk having to buy one.

3. Comfortable Shoes

It’s a vacation — a time to dress up and look nice, right? Niagara Falls has plenty of high-class places that require fancy dress, but for the most part, visitors will be on their feet on a variety of terrains unsuitable for heels or loafers. While there is wheeled transportation — the WEGO bus is especially useful to tourists — most of the best attractions are easiest to reach on foot, so shoes that will keep your feet happy and healthy are best.

4. Map and Guidebook

WP6.jpegUnless you have a knack for cartography, you should come prepared with a map of the city and a list of the attractions you’re interested in visiting. Most guidebooks include suitable maps for the high-action areas, but many guidebooks that discuss Niagara Falls lump it in with other Canadian destinations, like Toronto or even greater Ontario.

Instead of waiting until you get to the airport to purchase a map and other supplies, buy one ahead of time so you won’t be lost getting to your hotel.

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