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Swim Suit Outlook for 2015

WP7.jpegWe’re locked into winter but that’s no reason not to think about swim suit season. In fact, with the winter fashion shows wrapping up, the spring looks are still fresh and new, and savvy shoppers will be able to snag an excellent deal on the newest and best styles in the store. Plus, Niagara Falls offers swimming throughout the year no matter the weather, so you won’t need to wait four (or more) months to show off your new suit. If you haven’t read up on the fashion forecast for swimwear in 2015, here’s a quick and easy guide to the upcoming styles so you can look hot — even while it’s still cold outside.

Bright and Busy

If you’re looking for a suit flashier than typical black or white, you should look for a pattern that will turn heads. Animal print patterns were big on the runways, with designers going so far as to put whole leopards and cheetahs on their one-pieces and rash guards. If spots and stripes aren’t quite your style, aim for suits with an ethnic print or tribal pattern. Combined with bright colors and shiny fabrics, these suits will be in all spring and summer.

Unconventional Tops

WP8.jpegLong gone are the days of the triangle halter bikini. Instead, designers are wheeling out all manner of fascinating and unique two-piece tops. Luckily for travelers to Niagara Falls, plenty of these trendy tops are ideal for high action. Here are a handful of the styles that stand out:

  • Bralette. Offering more support and coverage with a sportier look, these tops are sweet and fashionable in their simplicity. They are ideal for wearers who plan to be more active.
  • Crop top. This style, too, has more fabric, and thus is preferable for bustier fashionistas. The cami look is in across the board for 2015 — in shirts as well as swim suits — which is excellent for ladies who want to participate in extreme activities.
  • Wraps. Extending slightly lower on the ribcage, these tops elongate the torso and create a pleasing curvy shape. Though they can be tricky to get into, they tend to be comfortable and flexible throughout a long day in the sun and surf.
  • Mesh or crochet materials. In complete opposition to the previous three, tops made from this trend tend to be more revealing and less useful to actual swimmers. However, the style is unique and fashionable, which is a boon for most trendsetters.

Vintage Bottoms

While designers are breaking boundaries with their tops, they are looking to the past for inspiration on bikini bottoms. The most thrilling trend for many women is the high-waisted look, which brings the line of the bottoms up to the waist and provides total coverage and pleasing shape to the nether regions. The retro style combines with more modern patterns and color palettes to create a chic look perfect for any body.

Mix and match these projected styles at will, but make sure to maintain a keen eye and avoid clashing patterns and ugly pairings. With luck and skill, you’ll have the hottest swim suit in Niagara Falls.

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