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Baby’s First Vacation: 4 Tips to Help Everything Go Smoothly

WPblog9Regardless of the complaints of some insensitive people, babies have parents, their parents like to travel, and babies can’t really just hang out at home while mommy and daddy are off on vacation. So, like it or not, babies are traveling. But the truth of the matter is that it’s more stressful for the parents than it is for those who complain about it.

If you’re traveling with a baby for the first time these are some tips and tricks that can help your family vacation to Niagara Falls with baby in tow as stress-free as possible.

Pre-Ship Necessary Items

Packing all of the accessories that babies need requires a suitcase of its own, and with luggage fees in place you might wonder how you’ll pack it all. The solution? Send it by mail. Most hotels will accept deliveries for registered guests so go ahead and order that huge box of diapers online or the cans of formula if you use it. The hotel will have the items ready for you and you don’t have to carry anything but what you’ll need for the trip.

Do a Trial Run

If your baby is the type who has trouble sleeping in strange places, do a trial bedtime run before your trip. If you’ll be using a travel crib or a playpen start putting your baby to bed in it up to a week before you go. Don’t worry if things don’t go well at first; even if you can’t get your baby to sleep in the new bed for an entire night you’ve at least gotten them used to the idea, which will make the hotel transition much smoother.

Set Up Your Hotel Room Like Your Home

Many people check into a hotel room, drop their bag, put some toiletries in the bathroom and go. It doesn’t quite work like that with a baby. You’ll need to have specific areas of your room set up for changing, feeding, preparing bottles, and other baby related tasks. Do this as soon as you arrive so you’re ready for anything that arises.

WPblog10Stick to Your Routine

Nothing makes traveling with a baby easier than a routine that resembles the one at home. It requires planning on the part of the parent but it can be done and still leave parents with time to explore. If your baby naps at a certain hour try putting her in the stroller and taking a walk around a park or museum you’d like to see. If baby goes to bed at a certain hour be prepared with jammies, a story, and a bottle. The more your baby knows what to expect the easier it will be.

A family friendly destination like Niagara Falls is the perfect place to bring your baby on their first trip. So book your tickets and hotel room and take the time you need to relax with your new baby.

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