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Planes and Toddlers: How to Keep Your Cool in the Air

Kids and planes are an interesting combination. Many young children love to fly and actually relish the tiny seats, tiny portions of food, and the tiny entertainment screen. You’ll see them, happy as clams and quietly sitting or sleeping for the entire flight.

WPblog11Then there are the other kids. The kids who, for a variety of reasons, just don’t fly well. They could have sensory issues or other diagnoses, or they could just be having the mother of all tantrums.

Most fellow passengers are empathetic when a child has a tantrum on a flight but others are not. Flying isn’t necessarily fun for anyone but when you add a screaming toddler to the mix things can go south in a hurry. Flying with a toddler doesn’t have to be as bad as the news says it is and the chances are great that your flight to Niagara Falls will go perfectly. However, forewarned is forearmed so utilize these tips to keep everyone happy.

Bring All the Devices

One of the best ways to keep kids quiet is to keep them focused and tablets, smartphones, and laptops are a great way to do that, especially if you already have limits on screen times as this will be seen as a treat. Be sure each device is fully charged and bring a cordless charger just in case there isn’t an outlet near your seat.

Be sure your child’s favorite apps, games, and movies are ready to go, give them their headphones, and let them enjoy themselves during the flight.

Bring Food

Unless you’re traveling on an international carrier or on a U.S. flight more than four hours in duration it’s unlikely you’ll be provided with much more than a cup of juice and bag containing roughly 10 peanuts. Stock up on your child’s favorite healthy snacks and drinks and dole them out during the flight. Just be aware that some international border crossings prohibit fresh fruit so keep that in mind when deciding what to bring.

And about those peanuts. If your child has a severe peanut allergy let the flight attendants know as soon as you board. This can help prevent a passenger seated next to you from opening peanuts and possible causing an emergency. Many airlines are making the move to eliminate all peanut products from their in-flight menus and snacks.

Bring Comfort Items

WPblog12You know those times when nothing can calm your child like their favorite blanket or toy? And they scream as you race around the house trying to find it? Yeah, you don’t want that to happen on an airplane. While it’s impossible to pack all of you child’s favorite things you can pack a few and reassure your child these items are there when they want them.

It can also be handy to keep an item or two secret so, in the case of a tantrum, you can bring out the surprise toy and hopefully distraction will ensue and the screaming will stop.

These few tips can help keep your child busy, engaged, and using their indoor voice until you reach your destination.

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