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Water Safety Tips for Your Niagara Vacation

wpblog7When one thinks of Niagara Falls it’s impossible not to think of water. The many rivers and the mighty falls themselves are the epitome of water. It rushes, surges, swirls, and tumbles and the power of this water is a sight to behold.

While there are a few swimming holes in and around the area, most visitors choose to enjoy their water time in the fun and safe environment of water parks. With the multitude of slides, age-appropriate play areas, wave pools, and more, waterparks like Fallsview offer a great way for families to spend a day swimming and splashing to their heart’s content.

While lifeguards are always on duty it’s wise for parents to be prepared with sensible water safety tips and information in the unlikely case that something goes wrong while swimming. These are some of the best ways to help keep your kids safe while they’re having the times of their lives at the waterpark.

Know Your Child’s Swimming Ability

You know your child best and that also means that you know your child’s swimming ability. Yes, it can be hard to tell your child that they’re just capable of taking on some of the more advanced water features in the park, but you can also remind them of the many other options they have to choose from, each of which is more suited to their abilities.

Devise a Watchout Plan

Keeping track of even one child in the water is difficult, but if you’re responsible for more than one child or several it’s wise to devise a watchout plan with your partner, friends, or family members who are with you.

You can take turns playing with the little ones in the wading pool while someone else tends to the older ones. If you have teens that are good swimmers you can even enlist their help. With proper planning you can ensure that everyone is sufficiently looked after while having a great day in the process.

Keep an Eye Out for Hunger, Dehydration, and Fatigue

wpblog8When your children are at the waterpark they’re playing hard and it’s likely they’re going to miss their own feelings of hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Fallsview Waterpark offers ample places onsite for delicious snacks, meals, and drinks so be sure that you remind your little ones to take a drink and have a snack, even when getting them out of the water can feel like pulling teeth.

Additionally, since the hotels connected to the waterpark are so easy to access, it’s not terribly hard to take the littles back to your room for a short nap.

A day at Fallsview Waterpark is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation in Niagara Falls to the fullest. As one of the premier indoor waterparks in the world it has water features that suit all ages and abilities. Just be sure that you come prepared with basic water safety skills and have everyone ready to assume their watch positions and your day will go off without a hitch and fun will be had by the entire family.

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