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Are We There Yet? Save Your Sanity With These Road Trip Tips

wpblog5Aside from the fact that Niagara Falls is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind destination, another of the reasons that it’s such a popular family vacation destination is that it’s just so easy to get to. It’s only a day’s drive from most major cities on the east coasts of the United States and Canada or it can be easily worked into a road trip that incorporates other destinations.

Families have been road tripping to Niagara Falls since cars became a household item but that age old question has always remained the same, even before the days of tablets and LTE.

“Are we there yet?”

Taking a road trip to Niagara Falls with your kids is an adventure but it’s also one that’s bound to have some hiccups. Here are a few ways to keep your kids engaged, happy, and focused on the destination when you still have many miles to go.

Utilize Tablets and Phone

If your kids have their own smartphone or tablets it’s unlikely they’re going to want to give them up for a round of the old-fashioned license plate game. These devices are simply a part of our kids’ lives but you can encourage them to use these items in a Niagara-centric way.

Create a Niagara Falls quiz before you leave and remind your kids that you’ll be asking questions along the way. Devise a reward system that works for your family and then randomly fire off a Niagara trivia questions. Maybe your children will have researched Niagara beforehand or maybe they’ll Google on the spot, but the child with the fastest correct answer wins.

wpblog6Switch Things Up

Instead of letting the kids have all of the “are we there yet?” fun why not switch things up a little bit? Provide each child with a paper map or, if you prefer, let them use Google maps and at various spots along the way ask them, “Are we there yet?”

The kids can then use their maps to determine where they are currently and how far from Niagara Falls they are at that point. Ask them how many miles are left to go, which routes are best according to the map, or what cities or landmarks you can expect to pass along the way. Not only does this help kids engage in the moment but it’s pretty satisfying as a parent to be the one asking THAT question.

Take the Back Roads

If you have time and the inclination it’s always much more entertaining for parents and for children to take the back roads as opposed to the interstates. Small towns, farms, fruit stands and more await you on the back roads to Niagara Falls and you can get a much better feel for the area and its culture. Plus, it gives the kids much more to look at and talk about than truck stops and fast food.

A road trip to Niagara Falls is almost a rite of passage in many circles and is a great way to spend the last bit of summer as a family. Use these tips to avoid the common road trip hassles and get your kids excited about one of the most wondrous places in the world.

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