North America’s Top 7 Winter Vacation Spots

WPblog1.jpegTypically, vacations occur during the summer. The kids are out of school, the weather is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, and everyone is itching to go explore and have fun. However, there are some problems with summertime travel:

  • Destinations are packed with fellow tourists.
  • Rates are sky-high for transportation, lodging, food, souvenirs, and more.
  • Everywhere can feel the same, with bright sunshine, shopping, swimming, etc.
  • It enforces a dreary routine of work through the rest of the seasons.

What’s more, planning a summer vacation means you have at least five more months of work before some well-earned R&R. This winter, you can reward yourself for surviving another year with an early cold-weather vacation to any of these top spots. You may just find that winter is your new favorite season for travel.

1. Niagara Falls

Our own natural wonder of the world tops the list not only because it is transformed into a stunning white wonderland in the winter, but because most of the city’s popular and award-winning attractions stay open year-round. Many attractions are available indoors, helping to prevent inclement weather from ruining your holiday. Plus, winter travelers get to see the areas surrounding the waterfalls freeze up while the Falls continue to be a sight to behold, unaffected by the cold weather.

2. The Berkshires

Massachusetts may not be the first place that comes to mind when you envision a dream vacation, but the Berkshires are full of romantic scenery you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else other than Niagara Falls. Everywhere you — by snowshoe or carriage ride — there are historic brick buildings with red barns and classical forest land.

3. Wyoming Ski Towns

In the summer, Wyoming boasts unbeatable national parkland with Yellowstone, but the winter transforms the state into winter sports enthusiasts’ best kept secret. Towns like Casper and Jackson offer hundreds of miles of ski trails covering all levels of difficulty, and the fine, powdery snow begs for all types of cold-weather activity. Dog sledding, snow shoeing, Nordic skiing, and more are popular all over the state.

4. Key West

For much of North America, it can be easy to forget that winter doesn’t have to mean three feet of snow. Key West, Florida promises tropical temperatures virtually year-round, so you can escape to the feeling of summer even while a blizzard is raging back at home.

5. Salt Lake City

WPblog2.jpgeOne of the most popular winter destinations for the past decade, Salt Lake City, Utah is beloved among skiers and snowboarders primarily for its conjunction of top-notch slopes and metropolitan amenities. In fact, downtown Salt Lake is less than 30 minutes from some of the best trails, so you can conceivably ski all day and stay out all night.

6. San Juan

Puerto Rico offers much more than sunshine and beaches — it promises warm summer atmosphere whenever you visit. In the middle of February, wearing sandals and swim trunks, you can sip on refreshing cocktails and watch the sun set over the ocean.

7. Missoula

With natural hot springs that stay warm even during the darkest days of winter, Missoula, Montana is one of the most alluring destinations for winter weather lovers. You can easily shed your winter layers and lounge in naturally warm wells while you observe your snowy surroundings all day long.

Swim Suit Outlook for 2015

WP7.jpegWe’re locked into winter but that’s no reason not to think about swim suit season. In fact, with the winter fashion shows wrapping up, the spring looks are still fresh and new, and savvy shoppers will be able to snag an excellent deal on the newest and best styles in the store. Plus, Niagara Falls offers swimming throughout the year no matter the weather, so you won’t need to wait four (or more) months to show off your new suit. If you haven’t read up on the fashion forecast for swimwear in 2015, here’s a quick and easy guide to the upcoming styles so you can look hot — even while it’s still cold outside.

Bright and Busy

If you’re looking for a suit flashier than typical black or white, you should look for a pattern that will turn heads. Animal print patterns were big on the runways, with designers going so far as to put whole leopards and cheetahs on their one-pieces and rash guards. If spots and stripes aren’t quite your style, aim for suits with an ethnic print or tribal pattern. Combined with bright colors and shiny fabrics, these suits will be in all spring and summer.

Unconventional Tops

WP8.jpegLong gone are the days of the triangle halter bikini. Instead, designers are wheeling out all manner of fascinating and unique two-piece tops. Luckily for travelers to Niagara Falls, plenty of these trendy tops are ideal for high action. Here are a handful of the styles that stand out:

  • Bralette. Offering more support and coverage with a sportier look, these tops are sweet and fashionable in their simplicity. They are ideal for wearers who plan to be more active.
  • Crop top. This style, too, has more fabric, and thus is preferable for bustier fashionistas. The cami look is in across the board for 2015 — in shirts as well as swim suits — which is excellent for ladies who want to participate in extreme activities.
  • Wraps. Extending slightly lower on the ribcage, these tops elongate the torso and create a pleasing curvy shape. Though they can be tricky to get into, they tend to be comfortable and flexible throughout a long day in the sun and surf.
  • Mesh or crochet materials. In complete opposition to the previous three, tops made from this trend tend to be more revealing and less useful to actual swimmers. However, the style is unique and fashionable, which is a boon for most trendsetters.

Vintage Bottoms

While designers are breaking boundaries with their tops, they are looking to the past for inspiration on bikini bottoms. The most thrilling trend for many women is the high-waisted look, which brings the line of the bottoms up to the waist and provides total coverage and pleasing shape to the nether regions. The retro style combines with more modern patterns and color palettes to create a chic look perfect for any body.

Mix and match these projected styles at will, but make sure to maintain a keen eye and avoid clashing patterns and ugly pairings. With luck and skill, you’ll have the hottest swim suit in Niagara Falls.

4 Essential Items You Can’t Forget to Bring to Niagara

WP5.jpegNothing ruins a vacation faster than forgetting something. What makes matters worse is that sometimes the most obvious items are the hardest to remember while packing. Niagara Falls is a well-traveled vacation destination, so if you forget something you can probably find it in any of the stores and shopping centers around the city. However, it would be a shame to leave these items at home. While you’re packing for your trip to the Falls, remember to tuck these necessities in amongst the rest.

1. Passport

This is easily one of the most forgotten items by travelers to Niagara Falls. Canada and the United States are quite similar in culture, and parts of Niagara Falls do fall on the American side of the border, meaning many travelers forget they’ll need to leave the country during their trip to the natural wonder. Unfortunately, this is one prerequisite you can’t leave behind. If you don’t have your passport, you won’t be able to enter (or leave) Canada, meaning you’ll miss out on all the best views of the falls and attractions in the city. You might consider bringing a second photo ID as well, just in case something happens to your passport.

2. Swim Suit

This may be a bit of a surprise considering Niagara Falls is in inland Canada, quite far from a tropical paradise. However, travelers who neglect to bring swimwear will sorely regret their decision. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming and splashing in Niagara Falls and its surrounding regions. Fallsview Indoor Water Park is arguably the best wet and wild fun in the country, even when it’s chilly and rainy, and it’s just steps from the main thoroughfare of the city. Additionally, during the summer, there are swimming holes and lakes dotting the countryside perfect for dipping more than toes. As swim suits are so difficult to shop for even at home, it is far more preferable to bring your own than risk having to buy one.

3. Comfortable Shoes

It’s a vacation — a time to dress up and look nice, right? Niagara Falls has plenty of high-class places that require fancy dress, but for the most part, visitors will be on their feet on a variety of terrains unsuitable for heels or loafers. While there is wheeled transportation — the WEGO bus is especially useful to tourists — most of the best attractions are easiest to reach on foot, so shoes that will keep your feet happy and healthy are best.

4. Map and Guidebook

WP6.jpegUnless you have a knack for cartography, you should come prepared with a map of the city and a list of the attractions you’re interested in visiting. Most guidebooks include suitable maps for the high-action areas, but many guidebooks that discuss Niagara Falls lump it in with other Canadian destinations, like Toronto or even greater Ontario.

Instead of waiting until you get to the airport to purchase a map and other supplies, buy one ahead of time so you won’t be lost getting to your hotel.

Family Fun and Excitement on New Year’s Eve in Niagara Falls


A holiday and New Year’s Eve getaway in Niagara Falls offers tons of excitement and unique fun for families! The entertainment is endless at Falls Avenue Resort, which features the 3-acre Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Adventure City Arcade, Hershey’s Chocolate World Niagara Falls, and numerous themed dining restaurants such as the Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood, and Hard Rock Café.

And broadcasting right across the street from Falls Avenue Resort in Queen Victoria Park will be ET Canada’s New Year’s Eve celebration and free concert, featuring live performances by Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, Keith Urban, and Lights. This will be an exciting experience for people of all ages in one of the most spectacular outdoor settings. The fun never stops in Niagara Falls, making it the perfect place for families to ring in 2015!

The Other Falls of Niagara: 4 Daredevils and Stuntmen Who Tackled the Falls

WP3.jpegBesides the natural beauty and excellent entertainment, Niagara Falls is known the world over for one thing: daredevils. For many people, Niagara Falls just begs to be tumbled over, and history gives us countless accounts of the wise and winsome souls who took the challenge. Modern authorities prefer thrill seekers find their wet and wild Niagara fun elsewhere, but it is still fun and entertaining to read about those who chose a more dangerous activity for their Niagara vacations.

1. Annie Edson Taylor

Responsible for kicking off the cultural conception of surviving a drop in a wooden barrel, Annie Edson Taylor was the first person ever to go over the Falls. In 1901, the 63-year-old daredevil chose a pickle barrel as her vessel, and was padded only by compressed air from a bike pump and her “lucky” pillow. Taylor plummeted down Horseshoe Falls and bobbed for no less than 17 minutes until she was scooped up past the American border. Despite living through her amazing feat with barely a scratch, Taylor found little monetary gain from her fame and cautioned others against copying her.

2. Bobby Leach

WP4.jpegNearly a decade after Taylor’s death-defying stunt, Englishman Bobby Leach chose to replicate her and then some. Leach wanted to survive not one, but three fantastic feats: traversing the whirlpool rapids in a barrel, parachuting off the suspension bridge, and plummeting from the Falls in a barrel.

Leach chose not a wooden pickle barrel but a specially designed eight-foot steel drum, in which he broke both his kneecaps and fractured his jaw during the ordeal. Not to be defeated by Niagara, later in his life he attempted to swim through the whirlpool rapids, only to require rescue from a river man, Red Hill.

3. Red Hill Jr.

After Leach, a string of unsuccessful daredevils died in the Niagara River and Falls attempting more stunts. Red Hill, Jr., son of Leach’s rescuer Red Hill, helped his father recover bodies from the river, and thus fully understood the power and danger inherent in the rushing water. Still, in an attempt to gain fortune and fame, in 1951, Hill constructed a vessel he named “The Thing” out of various inner tubes to keep him afloat after the plunge. Unfortunately, the Thing and Hill’s body were recovered the next day. This death prompted the creation of laws against daredevilry in any of the Niagara parks.

4. John (Dave) Munday

Despite the legislation, plenty of individuals continued to rush to the Falls to prove their mettle. Proud of his accomplishments as a skydiving instructor and pilot, Dave Munday believed himself capable of surviving the plunge despite the regulations. He managed to survive the stunt in a red aluminum barrel in 1985. He was fined $1,500 for his actions. Still, one tumble simply wasn’t enough for Munday, and in 1993 he completed a second fall in a renovated diving bell. Munday was knocked unconscious during the plunge, but a tourist vessel, the Maid of the Mist, was able to rescue him.

Why We Love Water Parks

wp7.jpegIn most cities with water parks, that hot day in late spring when the park finally opens its doors for the summer is eagerly anticipated by hoards of enthusiastic patrons. The day when they can finally don their swimsuits, sunblock, and flip-flops and spend hours, or even days, running around in the safe sand and surf is one of the happiest of the year. In Niagara Falls, that day never comes — because Niagara Falls’ best water park is mostly contained indoors and never closes for winter.

While it may seem odd to house a water park inside a building, Fallsview Indoor Water Park maintains every single positive attribute of regular water parks while adding a few perks of its own. See what fun Fallsview Indoor Water Park promises you, and get ready to have the best day of the year anytime you want.


While swimsuit shopping might be a dreadful chore for some people, for everyone else, strapping on their bikinis and buckling their trunks marks a special and memorable occasion. At the water park, everyone gets to show off their swimsuit style all day long, and because Fallsview Water Park is mostly inside, you don’t have to worry about lathering on sun block during the day or covering up in a jacket when the sun sets.


While it’s true that Fallsview Water Park is indoors, it is more accurate to say that it is mostly indoors. In fact, Fallsview does have a pool and deck outside, so for most of the year, if travelers crave some fresh air and sunlight, they can head outside for an hour or two to soak up the rays.


There are plenty of reasons to swim, including the fact that swimming is one of the most effective workouts that has the most minimal negative impact on the body. You can strengthen your heart, decrease your likelihood of developing a serious disease like diabetes or cancer, and build and maintain a stronger, more attractive body. Meanwhile, you’re having a comfortable, fun time in the pool.


Swimming may be healthy, but most people don’t look forward to the water park just to get in their daily laps. In fact, water parks provide a completely different thrill usually discouraged at local community pools: splashing. Splash your friends, splash some strangers — everyone goes to the water park to get wet, so going crazy is totally appropriate.


WPblog10.jpegSometimes “getting wet” is a bit of an understatement at a water park; truly, what most people hope for is to be thoroughly soaked. At Fallsview Water Park, there are plenty of opportunities to feel sopping straight to the bone. Our favorite is our tipping bucket, which unleashes a whopping 1,000 gallons of water on anyone in the area once it’s upended.


You may be able to buy a slide for your own backyard pool, but it doesn’t nearly match the excitement of the intense waterslides at Fallsview Water Park. Our slides rush riders along at unexpected speeds, down drops and around curves, to truly make the adrenaline start pumping. Race your friends with the racing slides or face your fears with the Canadian Plunge — there’s a slide for everyone in Fallsview.


More than anything, we know that our water park fosters pure and unadulterated joy. If you’re looking for a simple vacation full of fun and laughter, come to Niagara Falls where you can find the thrills of a water park any time of year.

3 Tricks to Surviving a Vacation With Kids

WP1.jpegEven on the best day at home, kids can be a handful. A family vacation can be a welcome break from the monotony of every day, especially if you select a destination that is bound to be fun for everyone. If you prepare in advance and keep these tricks in mind, you’ll not only make it through your family vacation whole, you might even enjoy yourself to the fullest.

1. Take Your Time

When you have a limited amount of time in a faraway place, it can be instinctual to pack in the attractions and activities. However, every parent knows that kids operate on their own schedule. While arriving late causes all types of headaches, stressing out won’t make your kids understand or move faster. Instead, remain patient and stay organized, and you will still enjoy the most important attractions. Niagara Falls was designed with families in mind, and most everything runs all day, including the WEGO buses, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see what you want.

There’s another reason not to rush and hurry your kids around the town. Vacations are much easier if you keep your kids on their regular schedule. They should wake up on time, take meals at regular intervals, and go to bed by bedtime. If kids can’t predict the day, their behavior will be even more chaotic than usual.

2. Plan Days for Them and Days for You

WP2.jpegAttractions that are built for the whole family are rare — which is what makes Fallsview Indoor Water Park so special. Instead of surrendering the entire vacation to your kids or dragging little ones through entertainment targeted at adults, try to balance your trip with days to reward them and days to relax you. Additionally, to avoid confusion and chaos, try to limit your clan to one major attraction a day.

For example, the first day you might spend at Clifton Hill, winning prizes from arcade games and screaming away on any of the thrilling rides. Then, the following day you can wander through the forests and take in the natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment. The third day can be a compromise at Fallsview Water Park or Safari Niagara, where there is plenty for kids of all ages to enjoy.

3. Be Together

The point of a family vacation, besides showing your kids a new area of the world, is to grow together. Amidst the flash and excitement of a vacation’s activities, your kids want and need to spend time with you, so make sure you’re there playing games and running around alongside them. There is plenty of incentive to spend time with your kids: Children in families that are connected emotionally and physically tend to be healthier and happier overall. You can reward yourself with some adult time while the little ones are napping or entertaining themselves, but on a family vacation, you should be devoting a fair amount of energy to keeping up with your kids.

Here WEGO: Getting Around Using Niagara Falls’ Traveler’s Transport

wp5.jpegUnlike many destinations, Niagara Falls fully understands the difficulty of trying to move from attraction to attraction when travelers are away from home. Thus, the city created a transportation system specifically with tourists’ needs in mind. The WEGO is Canadian Niagara’s unique bus line, which quickly and efficiently delivers visitors to all the places they want and need to go. Learn a bit more about the WEGO system before your trip to Niagara Falls, and you’ll have a hitch-free vacation transportation experience.

About WEGO

WEGO buses are designed to help tourists traverse the city’s best landmarks with ease. Brightly colored in the hue of their route, these buses are easy to spot, and visitors can hop on and off at their leisure. One pass gives tourists access to every WEGO bus route, which means they no longer need to worry about rental cars or taxis — or dreaded municipal buses — to get around. A bus will appear at designated stops every 20 to 30 minutes, so travelers never have to wait long to head to their next destination, and they can even download WEGO’s app, Bus Time Tools, to get real-time updates on their next bus.

Here’s a rundown of the important destinations serviced by each line.

The Red Line

  • Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort. Much more than a simple hotel or even just a casino, this resort offers every table game your heart longs for as well as world-class acts at the Avalon Theatre and 18 distinct dining options.
  • Oh Canada, Eh? Dinner Theatre. Grab dinner and a show at this award-winning and uproarious theater. Learn about Canada and fill up on the nation’s signature dishes while the whole family laughs to tears.
  • Canada One Factory Outlets. This place is a mall with it all: Fantastic name-brand designers like Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and more have stores with discounted merchandise, so travelers can shop for as long as they like.
  • Clifton Hill. With more attractions than a single blog can name, this “Street of Fun by the Falls” offers museums, arcades, mini golf, shopping, restaurants, and more.
  • Fallsview Indoor Water Park. Splash to your heart’s content at this temperature-controlled indoor water park. Come rain or shine, your family can enjoy the park’s slides, play areas, and pools all day (or week) long.
  • Skylon Tower. The top of this skyscraper offers by far the best views of the falls and the surrounding areas — but a trip to the top probably isn’t wise for those with a fear of heights.
  • Greg Frewin Theatre. Prepare to be amazed, for this magic show offers world-class illusions and special effects to fool even the biggest skeptic.
  • Bus and train terminals. Perhaps not the most exciting destination, ground travelers to Niagara Falls can rest assured that they need not grapple with other transport within the confines of the city.
  • The Whirlpool Rapids. The rapids of the Niagara River are the largest standing waves on the continent, and travelers can test their limits by walking by them, hovering over them, or even kayaking through them.
  • Queen Victoria Park. Hands down, this stretch of walkway and greenery offers the most views of the falls, plus a lovely stroll and picnic space.
  • Bird Kingdom. Filled with 80 different species which equates to roughly 400 birds, this tropical paradise has a unique rainforest garden (and waterfall) to explore as well.

The Blue Line

  • Clifton Hill. With more attractions than a single blog can name, this “Street of Fun by the Falls” offers museums, arcades, mini golf, shopping, restaurants, and more.
  • Fallsview Indoor Water Park. Splash to your heart’s content at this temperature-controlled indoor water park. Come rain or shine, your family can enjoy the park’s slides, play areas, and pools all day (or week) long.
  • Skylon Tower. The top of this skyscraper offers by far the best views of the falls and the surrounding areas — but a trip to the top probably isn’t wise for those with a fear of heights.
  • Greg Frewin Theatre. Prepare to be amazed, for this magic show offers world-class illusions and special effects to fool even the biggest skeptic.

The Purple Line

  • wp6.jpegBus and train terminals. Perhaps not the most exciting destination, ground travelers to Niagara Falls can rest assured that they need not grapple with other transport within the confines of the city.

The Green Line

  • The Whirlpool Rapids. The rapids of the Niagara River are the largest standing waves on the continent, and travelers can test their limits by walking by them, hovering over them, or even kayaking through them.
  • Queen Victoria Park. Hands down, this stretch of walkway and greenery offers the most views of the falls, plus a lovely stroll and picnic space.
  • Bird Kingdom. Filled with 80 different species which equates to roughly 400 birds, this tropical paradise has a unique rainforest garden (and waterfall) to explore as well.

5 Pool Toys That Never Get Old

wp3.jpegThese days, many adults are finding themselves baffled by the complexity of kid’s toys. Touch screens, motion capture, voice recognition, and more are setting modern toys apart from the familiar playthings of the past. However, there is one place where the toys of old continue to dominate: The pool. Whether you’re at your community pool or on vacation visiting Canada’s best indoor water park, your kids will spend hours splashing around when they have these time-tested toys.

1. Pool Noodles

While it may seem overly plain, the pool noodle’s genius lies in its simplicity. The noodle is infinitely versatile: It can be a seahorse to ride on, a water cannon to shoot or even a trumpet to entertain with. Kids of all ages see these toys as much more than the cheap tubes of foam that they are.

While many toy makers have tried to improve upon the noodle’s simple design with lights or complicated connecting parts, most kids are happy enough to swim around with the regular, unadorned version.

2. Floating Rafts

Adults and kids alike love these pool necessities. While you might see the raft as an opportunity to experience the pool while only getting minimally wet, kids use them to splash around with one another all day long. With just a little imagination, a raft becomes a marooned sailor’s only salvation or a floating kingdom to be protected. Plus, when playtime is over, you can work on your tan while sipping a drink.

Rafts come in all shapes and sizes. Some additions to the simple design, like cup holders or arm supports, do add value to rafts, but others simply overly complicate an already enjoyable pool accessory — you don’t really need speakers or a pool-within-a-pool.

3. Squirt Guns

wp4.jpegSo much of playing in the pool is comprised of getting everyone as wet as possible. Splashing and dunking are crucial activities for swimming kids, but squirting each other can be one of the most fun of all. While the new models of squirt gun certainly do pack a punch with their pump action and seemingly unlimited water storage, the old fashioned trigger models are just as entertaining. Whether there’s an organized game or chaotic squirting pell-mell, squirt guns never get old.

4. Pool Rings

In some respects, children and dogs aren’t that dissimilar — especially when it comes to games of fetch. Pool rings’ only purpose is to be tossed and retrieved, but this activity can keep kids occupied for hours. While many adults may scratch their heads at this simple pleasure, you may not realize that diving for pool rings does help in a child’s development. Continuous underwater activity will increase their lung capacity and strengthen their muscles. While pool rings have been around for centuries, their usefulness (as well as easy fun) is quite obvious.

5. Goggles and Snorkels

This toy isn’t just for exploring ocean reefs. While many associate the humble snorkel with tropical destinations and colorful fish, plenty of families love using their snorkels at home in their backyard or community pools. For those who struggle to open their eyes underwater, goggles offer the unique opportunity to see exactly what’s going on underneath the chlorinated (or salinized) waves, and anyone can get a kick out of being able to breathe underwater. Coupled with some of the above toys, like noodles or rings, goggles and snorkels can make for an exciting pool playtime.

A Totally Toddler Trip in Niagara Falls

WP1.jpegMany parents with young children feel they don’t have time or energy for a vacation — when a vacation is actually exactly what the whole family needs. Just because you have young children doesn’t mean you deserve to miss out on a trip of a lifetime, and though many vacation destinations are difficult to manage with toddlers in tow, Niagara Falls is perfect for travelers of all sizes and ages. Plus, it isn’t all kiddie concerts and playgrounds — adults will have just as much fun as their tots. If you don’t believe us, read on for some of the grade-A activities available for kids of all ages in Niagara Falls.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

Who doesn’t love a day filled with water slides and sunning pools? All day, every day — come rain, snow, sleet, or hail — Canada’s best waterpark is open for business. While the high-octane slides and more active playgrounds — including one with a one thousand-gallon tipping bucket — are perfect for older kids over about five years (or taller than 40 inches, at least), smaller and younger children (and their parents) will feel more comfortable splashing around the Tiny Tots Splash Park, a play area filled with streams and soakers designed with younger needs in mind.

Parents can indulge in the park as well, relaxing by Fallsview Beach and sipping drinks from the Planet Hollywood Beach Club. Alternatively, if you’re daring enough, you can take turns on the adrenaline-inducing slides.

Marine Land

For an educational adventure, be sure to bring the wee-ones to Marineland Canada. A world-class aquarium meets amusement park meets theatrical production, Marineland knows just how to entertain all ages. There are a bevy of tanks filled with a veritable marine menagerie, as well as a handful of Canada’s largest land mammals; some of the animals you can learn about include:

  • Beluga whales
  • Killer whales
  • Dolphins
  • Sea lions
  • Bison
  • Elk
  • Deer
  • And more!

For an additional fee, you and your kids can get up close to the animals to feed, pet, or even play with them.

When you tire of seeing animals in their everyday activities, you can watch them perform amazing feats with their trainers. Dolphins and whales soar through the air while walruses and sea lions joke around on stage to hilarious effect.

Finally, once you’ve been dazzled by the animals’ abilities, you can get some air yourselves with a plethora of rides ranging from death-defying (and inappropriate for toddlers) to serene. The Trivioli Wheel and Boat Carousel are open for all ages and heights, but if your tot passes the 42-inch mark, you can experience the thrills of all but the most terrifying of rides.

Niagara Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory

WP2.jpegFor a more relaxing activity after your tot is tired out, you can explore the refined beauty of Niagara’s outdoors in the perfectly maintained Botanical Gardens. Indigenous and exotic plants alike are well cared for in this area, and your youngster will love wandering the footpaths and seeing the bright flowers and lush greenery.

In the middle of the gardens, you’ll find the Butterfly Conservatory, where for a small entrance fee, your little one can have the magical experience of walking through clouds of 2,000 different species of colorful butterflies.