How to Keep Kids Safe and Wet in Fallsview Waterpark

WPblog3.jpegA visit to Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is thrilling for almost every guest in Niagara Falls. Dozens of water slides as well as plenty of pools and play areas offer full days of fun for families and couples alike. However, as exciting as being wet and wild can be, water activities can present a series of dangers.

Considering roughly 44 percent of Americans cannot display “water competency” — which includes such standard swimming procedures as treading water and swimming 25 yards — it is always a good idea to double-check your family’s comfort levels in and around water before scheduling in a full weekend of wet attractions.

Though Fallsview Indoor Waterpark employs countless lifeguards to keep you and your family safe, here are a couple of lessons and tools to employ to ensure absolute mental and physical health for the duration of your stay.

Regularly Practice Swimming

A person of any age can demonstrate any level of swimming ability, and anyone can improve that level through practice. By enrolling your children in swimming classes at early ages, and by encouraging visits to community and friends’ pools, you should be able to foster a brood of strong, confident swimmers who will feel right at home in Fallsview.

Additionally, the more time your children spend around pools, the more familiar they will be with proper poolside behavior, which includes:

  • No running around the pool.
  • No pushing or horseplay around the pool.
  • No glass containers in or around the pool.
  • No electronic devices in or around the pool.
  • No diving without permission.
  • No pretending to call for help.
  • Never swim alone.

WPblog4.jpegBring Proper Gear

Even with frequent practice, some swimmers need or prefer the assistance of various pieces of swimming gear. Experts recommend that very young swimmers, like toddlers, or insecure swimmers always wear some kind of floatation device or be accompanied by a stronger swimmer for help. Other pieces of gear, though not necessary for all swimmers, may provide some amount of protection or aid. Here are a few of the most common pieces of swim gear we see around Fallsview:

  • Goggles. Both chlorinated and salinized water can cause eye trouble, which means swimmers who frequently dive or spend time underwater must do so blind — unless they wear swim goggles. Goggles come in a variety of shapes and styles as well as colors to block UV rays, so your family members can choose the pairs that suit them best.
  • Nose plugs. These clips worn around the nose prevent the accidental inhalation of water during water activities. Not only does this decrease risk of sputtering or drowning, but it cuts down on infections caused by contaminated water, too.
  • Earplugs. Swimmers who have a history of ear infections may require plugs to prevent seepage into the delicate ear canal. Frequent flooding of the ear can cause infections which lead to hearing loss, so keeping out moisture is crucial for healthy hearing.
  • Floatation devices. It doesn’t matter if they are in vest, jacket, wing, or belt form, floatation devices are some of the most effective tools for swim safety.

If you are afraid you and your family will feel like fish out of water at Fallsview due to lack of swimming opportunities, don’t despair. There are lifeguards everywhere to help keep an eye on you and your family. Still, it is smart to review rules for water safety with your children and have certain pieces of swim gear available just in case.

Kids Will Fall in Love With Niagara Falls

WPblog5.jpegElementary school classrooms all over the United States encourage kids to experience the holiday of love (in a platonic way) by crafting paper and candy valentines for their schoolmates. Every February 14, children ages 4 and up construct their own valentines’ boxes and eagerly await their friends’ contributions on this chocolate-filled day. However, very rarely do children experience true adoration for a person, thing, or place — except in Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls has everything a child could dream of, from thrilling natural attractions to hundreds of entertaining games and rides they won’t find anywhere else. Here are all the reasons your child will fall in love with Niagara Falls any day of the year.

1. Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

While it is inarguably the largest indoor waterpark on the continent, Fallsview is also one of the highest-rated wet-and-wild amusement parks in the country. Across more than three acres of pools, play areas, slides, and more, kids can swim, splash, climb, and explore — and so much more. Fallsview boasts more than 16 exhilarating slides, including:

  • Toob Tower. Four curiously curving slides can send riders and their friends flying in all directions.
  • Extreme Racing Slides. Four tall and fast slides set sliders against one another in a race to the finish.
  • The Canadian Plunge. A giant centrifuge sets riders spinning wildly as they travel closer and closer to the splashdown pool.

2. Journey Behind the Falls

Though the Maid of the Mist — a boat tour that takes visitors up the Niagara River to the bottom of the thundering Horseshoe Falls — is a quintessential Niagara Falls experience, most kids will get a bigger kick out of a trip to a foreign world behind the plummeting water.

Journey Behind the Falls brings tourists 150 feet down an outdoor elevator right next to the Falls. The voyage may seem daunting, but the payoff is immense. Just behind a curtain of water, guests can watch slack-jawed as roughly 3,660 cubic yards of water falls down in front of them every second. The water careens off the escarpment more than 13 stories above visitors’ heads at the breakneck pace of 40 miles per hour. Children love watching the dancing water move thunderously in front of them, and they adore even more the fact that they’ll become drenched doing it.

WPblog6.jpeg3. Niagara’s Fury

The geologic formation of Niagara Falls took millions upon millions of years to form — or maybe about twenty minutes. Niagara’s Fury is an interactive adventure that takes visitors through the whirlwind creation of the legendary waterfalls. Starting before the last ice age, guests will experience the chill of wind and rain as well as the thrill of Earth-rumbling geologic activity all from the safety of a state-of-the-art theater. Education and comedy combine as Chip the Beaver and his friends lead kids and adults alike through the complex processes that made Niagara Falls what it is today.

4. The Great Canadian Midway

After a few days’ worth of drenchings, kids might enjoy staying high and dry at one of the world’s most extensive arcades. The Great Canadian Midway, located in the monument Clifton Hill region of Niagara Falls’ tourist district, offers more than 70,000 square feet filled with more than 300 games, from classic skee-ball to current hits like Deal or No Deal. Plus, the Midway is adjacent to other fantastic attractions like the 4D theater, the haunted house, and various rides. Kids will be so head-over-heels, they’ll never want to leave.

What Not to Bring to Fallsview Indoor Water Park

WPblog1.jpegThe ocean, the lake, and the neighborhood swimming pool are all incredibly exciting to visit. Each offers wet and wild fun in the sun on cloudless days — but outdoor excitement at these supposedly refreshing destinations requires quite a bit of forethought and preparation.

Clothing for transportation, food and beverages for sustenance, and even first aid are all basic essentials for what should be a simple and fun day on the water. Just the thought can dishearten any eager water-lover from seeking good, wet times. Fortunately, Niagara Falls has the answer.

Fallsview Indoor Water Park, situated conveniently in downtown Niagara Falls amidst the glitz and glamour of the tourist district, can offer all the wet excitement you crave without the stress of planning and packing. Here are all the items you can leave out of your suitcase when you visit to Niagara Falls on your next vacation.

1. Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are created equal: Most eye doctors recommend finding a pair that clearly state what benefits they can provide wearers. The most important feature for sunglasses is that they block 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, which are emitted from the sun even on cloudy days and can cause all sorts of eye disease.

While Fallsview Indoor Water Park does have an outdoor pool and patio area — named Sunnyside — the vast majority of our park’s attractions are housed in a light-controlled indoor area, so there is no risk of harming your delicate eyes by spending all day without protective lenses.

2. Shoes

Outdoor water play can be rough on the delicate skin and bones of the feet. Hot sand can burn, while rocky terrain can bruise and slice, especially when it is hidden by murky water. That is why most podiatrists advocate for the use of water shoes during outdoor play.

The crystal clear water in Fallsview precludes the accidental stumbling or scratching that takes place in cloudy water; even so, the entire park is paved, which means your toes are totally safe no matter where you place them. Some guests do choose to wear protective shoes while they walk around the park. While this is not necessary, it can help less sure-footed guests maintain their balance on wet and slippery surfaces. If you do elect to don footwear, make sure it is rated for use in water, or else you might ruin a good pair of shoes.

WPblog2.jpeg3. Snacks and Drinks

Spending all day outside playing in the water can make anyone hungry or dehydrated — and the same can be said for spending all day playing in Fallsview. However, the key difference is that beaches and pools don’t provide sustenance for visitors, while our indoor water park facilities can offer some of the best snacks and drinks in the city.

The Planet Hollywood Beach Club offers everyone’s favorite meals, like hamburgers and chicken fingers, as well as a bevy of cocktails perfect for parents who are kicking back. Skip the zip-top bags filled with PB&J sandwiches, and enjoy a real meal while you play.

Why a Rainy Day Won’t Ruin Your Niagara Vacation

WPblog7.jpegRainy days are a traveler’s worst nightmare. After spending months researching every detail for the absolute perfect trip, the best laid plans get washed away by some impossible-to-foresee precipitation. Most places, travelers are stuck indoors with whatever reading materials they brought for the flight, likely picking fights with their loved ones due to irritation and boredom from their current plight.

However, Niagara Falls isn’t most places. Even in a torrential downpour, any traveler can have fun in Niagara Falls, you just need to know where to look.

Indoor Sightseeing

Most visitors might write off views of Niagara Falls when the weather turns, but parks and walkways aren’t the only ways to catch a glimpse of the fabulous Falls. Most of the attractions around the waterfalls were built to showcase the region’s natural wonder and beauty, which means that plenty of indoor excitement comes with excellent sightseeing. Here are a few places you can find excellent views without feeling even a drop of rain.

  • Skylon Tower. More than 500 feet in the air, Skylon Tower provides unparalleled birds-eye perspective of the Falls and surrounding area, but those afraid of heights might be most comfortable waiting in the lobby.
  • Windows by Jamie Kennedy. With locally sourced, fresh ingredients prepared by a world-famous chef, this restaurant has everything for a first-class meal; plus, choice views of Niagara Falls are featured prominently through the glass for which the joint is named.
  • Christienne Fallsview Spa. Vacations are for relaxation, and there is no better time or place to relax than in a spa on a rainy day. If you opt for a treatment utilizing the infinity hydrotherapy tub, you can unwind while watching the power of the rushing waterfalls.

Weather-Proof Waterpark

Through rain, snow, sleet, or hail, there is a waterpark in Niagara Falls waiting for you. Before you consider the unpleasantness of wearing a swimsuit during inclement weather, know that Niagara Falls’ best water park is almost 100 percent indoors. Fallsview Waterpark is the largest indoor waterpark in North America, and one of the best wet and wild adventure parks in the world. Dozens of slides, play areas, pools, and more will keep you entertained for hours or even days. While the rain pours outside, you can splash around on your own terms indoors.

Museums and More

WPblog8.jpegNiagara Falls has more than its fair share of history. Though you should schedule a trip to one or two museums or historical sites even if the forecast predicts nary a cloud, a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to engage your mind. From every tiny detail about the War of 1812 to the broad and expansive story of the making of Niagara Falls, you can learn everything there is to know about the region and its people if you visit any of the following places:

  • Laura Secord Homestead
  • Lundy’s Lane Historical Museum
  • Niagara History Museum
  • Niagara Railway Museum
  • The Daredevil Exhibit in IMAX
  • The Wedding Museum
  • Willoughby Historical Museum

Our Top 7 Absolute Favorite Places to Get Wet

WPblog3.jpegBeing completely and utterly soaked to the core is a universal joy. Oftentimes, it doesn’t matter where we are splashing around — it’s just the act of getting wet that sets our faces grinning. Niagara Falls is built on our love of water and everything it does, which is why the city is a perfect destination for seekers of drenched delight. Until your vacation in Niagara Falls, meditate on these fantastic places to splash and soak, from the tiny to the monumental.

1. Waterparks

Hands down, the outright best place to get wet is at a waterpark. Waterparks are the standout winners because they combine all the best elements of every other wet and wild place in one intensely exciting location. Wave pools, sprinkler playgrounds, swimming pools, lazy rivers, and splashing water is abound everywhere one looks. Plus, unlike other areas on this list, the popular Niagara’s Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is ready to get travelers soaked no matter the weather. If you want to spend some quality time getting absolutely drenched, you can’t miss visiting a waterpark on your Niagara Falls vacation.

2. Oceans

Even people who live on the beach are easily awed by the power and splendor of the ocean. The great movements of the tides and the soothing sound of the waves easily lull onlookers either into a thoughtful calm or propels them into concentrated action. With the added bonus of beach-related activities (building castles, getting a tan) the ocean is a rewarding destination.

3. Pools

WPblog4.jpegA pool can serve many purposes, which is why it is such a desirable place to spend time. A play area, an exercise space, and a comfortable lounge all rolled into one, a pool is definitely one of the simplest and most iconic places to find wet fun.

4. Waterfalls

These can be tricky to find, but once you do, they can be some of the most exhilarating soakings of a lifetime. Something about being completely covered in a sheet of falling water is both energizing and comforting. There are many attractions around Niagara Falls that will see you soaked to the core from the powerful rushing water:

  • Maid of the Mist. This boat tour takes you up close to the bottom of Horseshoe Falls, where things are bound to get a little wet.
  • Journey Behind the Falls. It should come as a given that when you stand mere feet away from the back of one of the largest waterfalls in the world, you will become wet.
  • Cave of the Winds. While the cave is long since gone, this tour takes visitors virtually underneath American Falls for a thrilling waterfall experience.

5. Spas

The bane of grubby toddlers everywhere, the tub somehow transforms into the ultimate seat of luxury for most adults. At a spa, you can simply bask in the comfortable warmth of soothing water or even receive rejuvenating treatments to freshen and invigorate. Niagara Falls recognizes the healing powers of spas at the famous Christienne Fallsview Spa, where visitors can view Horseshow Falls in all its glory while lounging in a soothing infinity tub.

6. Lakes

Manmade or natural, these giant, still bodies of water are striking in their serene beauty. Lakes are versatile, in that they can be admired for their quiet serenity or explored using all manner of exciting water sports. Lake Ontario is one of the most popular Great Lakes due to its proximity to the Niagara region and all the joys contained therein.

7. Streams or Rivers

Water safety experts don’t always advocate playing in moving water; the unpredictability of the current and the shifting sediment below can create dangerous areas. However, rivers and streams where swimming and splashing is encouraged are always excellent sources of fun. Common water activities like tubing and fishing are most often located in moving water. Plus, especially turbulent rivers can be excellent places for sightseeing. Niagara’s Whirlpool rapids are some of the most dangerous in the world, and thousands of visitors travel each year to see them.

North America’s Top 7 Winter Vacation Spots

WPblog1.jpegTypically, vacations occur during the summer. The kids are out of school, the weather is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, and everyone is itching to go explore and have fun. However, there are some problems with summertime travel:

  • Destinations are packed with fellow tourists.
  • Rates are sky-high for transportation, lodging, food, souvenirs, and more.
  • Everywhere can feel the same, with bright sunshine, shopping, swimming, etc.
  • It enforces a dreary routine of work through the rest of the seasons.

What’s more, planning a summer vacation means you have at least five more months of work before some well-earned R&R. This winter, you can reward yourself for surviving another year with an early cold-weather vacation to any of these top spots. You may just find that winter is your new favorite season for travel.

1. Niagara Falls

Our own natural wonder of the world tops the list not only because it is transformed into a stunning white wonderland in the winter, but because most of the city’s popular and award-winning attractions stay open year-round. Many attractions are available indoors, helping to prevent inclement weather from ruining your holiday. Plus, winter travelers get to see the areas surrounding the waterfalls freeze up while the Falls continue to be a sight to behold, unaffected by the cold weather.

2. The Berkshires

Massachusetts may not be the first place that comes to mind when you envision a dream vacation, but the Berkshires are full of romantic scenery you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else other than Niagara Falls. Everywhere you — by snowshoe or carriage ride — there are historic brick buildings with red barns and classical forest land.

3. Wyoming Ski Towns

In the summer, Wyoming boasts unbeatable national parkland with Yellowstone, but the winter transforms the state into winter sports enthusiasts’ best kept secret. Towns like Casper and Jackson offer hundreds of miles of ski trails covering all levels of difficulty, and the fine, powdery snow begs for all types of cold-weather activity. Dog sledding, snow shoeing, Nordic skiing, and more are popular all over the state.

4. Key West

For much of North America, it can be easy to forget that winter doesn’t have to mean three feet of snow. Key West, Florida promises tropical temperatures virtually year-round, so you can escape to the feeling of summer even while a blizzard is raging back at home.

5. Salt Lake City

WPblog2.jpgeOne of the most popular winter destinations for the past decade, Salt Lake City, Utah is beloved among skiers and snowboarders primarily for its conjunction of top-notch slopes and metropolitan amenities. In fact, downtown Salt Lake is less than 30 minutes from some of the best trails, so you can conceivably ski all day and stay out all night.

6. San Juan

Puerto Rico offers much more than sunshine and beaches — it promises warm summer atmosphere whenever you visit. In the middle of February, wearing sandals and swim trunks, you can sip on refreshing cocktails and watch the sun set over the ocean.

7. Missoula

With natural hot springs that stay warm even during the darkest days of winter, Missoula, Montana is one of the most alluring destinations for winter weather lovers. You can easily shed your winter layers and lounge in naturally warm wells while you observe your snowy surroundings all day long.

Swim Suit Outlook for 2015

WP7.jpegWe’re locked into winter but that’s no reason not to think about swim suit season. In fact, with the winter fashion shows wrapping up, the spring looks are still fresh and new, and savvy shoppers will be able to snag an excellent deal on the newest and best styles in the store. Plus, Niagara Falls offers swimming throughout the year no matter the weather, so you won’t need to wait four (or more) months to show off your new suit. If you haven’t read up on the fashion forecast for swimwear in 2015, here’s a quick and easy guide to the upcoming styles so you can look hot — even while it’s still cold outside.

Bright and Busy

If you’re looking for a suit flashier than typical black or white, you should look for a pattern that will turn heads. Animal print patterns were big on the runways, with designers going so far as to put whole leopards and cheetahs on their one-pieces and rash guards. If spots and stripes aren’t quite your style, aim for suits with an ethnic print or tribal pattern. Combined with bright colors and shiny fabrics, these suits will be in all spring and summer.

Unconventional Tops

WP8.jpegLong gone are the days of the triangle halter bikini. Instead, designers are wheeling out all manner of fascinating and unique two-piece tops. Luckily for travelers to Niagara Falls, plenty of these trendy tops are ideal for high action. Here are a handful of the styles that stand out:

  • Bralette. Offering more support and coverage with a sportier look, these tops are sweet and fashionable in their simplicity. They are ideal for wearers who plan to be more active.
  • Crop top. This style, too, has more fabric, and thus is preferable for bustier fashionistas. The cami look is in across the board for 2015 — in shirts as well as swim suits — which is excellent for ladies who want to participate in extreme activities.
  • Wraps. Extending slightly lower on the ribcage, these tops elongate the torso and create a pleasing curvy shape. Though they can be tricky to get into, they tend to be comfortable and flexible throughout a long day in the sun and surf.
  • Mesh or crochet materials. In complete opposition to the previous three, tops made from this trend tend to be more revealing and less useful to actual swimmers. However, the style is unique and fashionable, which is a boon for most trendsetters.

Vintage Bottoms

While designers are breaking boundaries with their tops, they are looking to the past for inspiration on bikini bottoms. The most thrilling trend for many women is the high-waisted look, which brings the line of the bottoms up to the waist and provides total coverage and pleasing shape to the nether regions. The retro style combines with more modern patterns and color palettes to create a chic look perfect for any body.

Mix and match these projected styles at will, but make sure to maintain a keen eye and avoid clashing patterns and ugly pairings. With luck and skill, you’ll have the hottest swim suit in Niagara Falls.

4 Essential Items You Can’t Forget to Bring to Niagara

WP5.jpegNothing ruins a vacation faster than forgetting something. What makes matters worse is that sometimes the most obvious items are the hardest to remember while packing. Niagara Falls is a well-traveled vacation destination, so if you forget something you can probably find it in any of the stores and shopping centers around the city. However, it would be a shame to leave these items at home. While you’re packing for your trip to the Falls, remember to tuck these necessities in amongst the rest.

1. Passport

This is easily one of the most forgotten items by travelers to Niagara Falls. Canada and the United States are quite similar in culture, and parts of Niagara Falls do fall on the American side of the border, meaning many travelers forget they’ll need to leave the country during their trip to the natural wonder. Unfortunately, this is one prerequisite you can’t leave behind. If you don’t have your passport, you won’t be able to enter (or leave) Canada, meaning you’ll miss out on all the best views of the falls and attractions in the city. You might consider bringing a second photo ID as well, just in case something happens to your passport.

2. Swim Suit

This may be a bit of a surprise considering Niagara Falls is in inland Canada, quite far from a tropical paradise. However, travelers who neglect to bring swimwear will sorely regret their decision. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming and splashing in Niagara Falls and its surrounding regions. Fallsview Indoor Water Park is arguably the best wet and wild fun in the country, even when it’s chilly and rainy, and it’s just steps from the main thoroughfare of the city. Additionally, during the summer, there are swimming holes and lakes dotting the countryside perfect for dipping more than toes. As swim suits are so difficult to shop for even at home, it is far more preferable to bring your own than risk having to buy one.

3. Comfortable Shoes

It’s a vacation — a time to dress up and look nice, right? Niagara Falls has plenty of high-class places that require fancy dress, but for the most part, visitors will be on their feet on a variety of terrains unsuitable for heels or loafers. While there is wheeled transportation — the WEGO bus is especially useful to tourists — most of the best attractions are easiest to reach on foot, so shoes that will keep your feet happy and healthy are best.

4. Map and Guidebook

WP6.jpegUnless you have a knack for cartography, you should come prepared with a map of the city and a list of the attractions you’re interested in visiting. Most guidebooks include suitable maps for the high-action areas, but many guidebooks that discuss Niagara Falls lump it in with other Canadian destinations, like Toronto or even greater Ontario.

Instead of waiting until you get to the airport to purchase a map and other supplies, buy one ahead of time so you won’t be lost getting to your hotel.

Family Fun and Excitement on New Year’s Eve in Niagara Falls


A holiday and New Year’s Eve getaway in Niagara Falls offers tons of excitement and unique fun for families! The entertainment is endless at Falls Avenue Resort, which features the 3-acre Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Adventure City Arcade, Hershey’s Chocolate World Niagara Falls, and numerous themed dining restaurants such as the Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood, and Hard Rock Café.

And broadcasting right across the street from Falls Avenue Resort in Queen Victoria Park will be ET Canada’s New Year’s Eve celebration and free concert, featuring live performances by Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, Keith Urban, and Lights. This will be an exciting experience for people of all ages in one of the most spectacular outdoor settings. The fun never stops in Niagara Falls, making it the perfect place for families to ring in 2015!

The Other Falls of Niagara: 4 Daredevils and Stuntmen Who Tackled the Falls

WP3.jpegBesides the natural beauty and excellent entertainment, Niagara Falls is known the world over for one thing: daredevils. For many people, Niagara Falls just begs to be tumbled over, and history gives us countless accounts of the wise and winsome souls who took the challenge. Modern authorities prefer thrill seekers find their wet and wild Niagara fun elsewhere, but it is still fun and entertaining to read about those who chose a more dangerous activity for their Niagara vacations.

1. Annie Edson Taylor

Responsible for kicking off the cultural conception of surviving a drop in a wooden barrel, Annie Edson Taylor was the first person ever to go over the Falls. In 1901, the 63-year-old daredevil chose a pickle barrel as her vessel, and was padded only by compressed air from a bike pump and her “lucky” pillow. Taylor plummeted down Horseshoe Falls and bobbed for no less than 17 minutes until she was scooped up past the American border. Despite living through her amazing feat with barely a scratch, Taylor found little monetary gain from her fame and cautioned others against copying her.

2. Bobby Leach

WP4.jpegNearly a decade after Taylor’s death-defying stunt, Englishman Bobby Leach chose to replicate her and then some. Leach wanted to survive not one, but three fantastic feats: traversing the whirlpool rapids in a barrel, parachuting off the suspension bridge, and plummeting from the Falls in a barrel.

Leach chose not a wooden pickle barrel but a specially designed eight-foot steel drum, in which he broke both his kneecaps and fractured his jaw during the ordeal. Not to be defeated by Niagara, later in his life he attempted to swim through the whirlpool rapids, only to require rescue from a river man, Red Hill.

3. Red Hill Jr.

After Leach, a string of unsuccessful daredevils died in the Niagara River and Falls attempting more stunts. Red Hill, Jr., son of Leach’s rescuer Red Hill, helped his father recover bodies from the river, and thus fully understood the power and danger inherent in the rushing water. Still, in an attempt to gain fortune and fame, in 1951, Hill constructed a vessel he named “The Thing” out of various inner tubes to keep him afloat after the plunge. Unfortunately, the Thing and Hill’s body were recovered the next day. This death prompted the creation of laws against daredevilry in any of the Niagara parks.

4. John (Dave) Munday

Despite the legislation, plenty of individuals continued to rush to the Falls to prove their mettle. Proud of his accomplishments as a skydiving instructor and pilot, Dave Munday believed himself capable of surviving the plunge despite the regulations. He managed to survive the stunt in a red aluminum barrel in 1985. He was fined $1,500 for his actions. Still, one tumble simply wasn’t enough for Munday, and in 1993 he completed a second fall in a renovated diving bell. Munday was knocked unconscious during the plunge, but a tourist vessel, the Maid of the Mist, was able to rescue him.